Twist/Braid/Bun for Growth Challenge (4/1/2012 - 6/30/2012)

Tibbar Thank you! I am trying. Some days make it really hard to stay positive. :yep: But I'd rather be happy than wallowing in self pity.

MeowMix I have wonderful company in -PYT and MsDee14, but why are you excluding yourself? :spinning:

kinkycurlygurl Loving the topknot.

lomaxee I wish my transition was as 'smooth' as yours. Your hair looks great! Full, healthy, thick and shiny. MHM I saw some heads today that would kill for your hair!

Today I wore my flat ironed hair down. I wasn't a big fan, because I felt like I looked like everyone else. I really missed my twists. :ohwell: lol Well, I'm pincurling it now for a full-bodied updo tomorrow. I should have smeared some hemp seed oil on my ends before bobby pinning...
I just want to say THANKS A BUNCH to NappyNelle for kicking off and managing this thread. I learned at least 5 new hairstyles that have become my go-to do's. I'm in for the next round.
I wanted in on this one last session, but I found the thread too late. Count me in this time.

What is your primary style (twists, braids, bunning)?

I normally wear french twists, french rolls, french braids and buns. Hmm, I see a trend there. LOL

What is your style maintenance regimen?
Wash with just water 1x weekly, nightly scalp massage and spread sebum by preening, coconut oil when my ends are dry.

Are you natural, relaxed, transitioning?

I'm natural

What do you hope to achieve from the challenge?
I'd like to see 2 inches of growth in 3 months. I'd like to perfect my four strand braid.

After wearing your hair out will you restyle after [Pick One] 2 days or 3 days?

I usually go back into protective styles the next day after leaving my hair down. I'll continue to do that.

Include Starting Pic. (You are not a challenger without a pic).

I just revisited my first post in this challenge. I thought I'd go back through the initial questions and see what has changed since April.

What is your primary style (twists, braids, bunning)?

I shift back and forth between braids, twists and buns. I like to do just a few large scale braids and twists and create a style out of that. I'm going to stick with the same kinds of styles for the next few months. They give me the variety I like without the time investment of doing tiny braids and twists.

What is your style maintenance regimen?

Wash twice a week, once with just water and once with a clay masque. After towel drying, I apply a small amount of coconut oil to each section and finish each section off with a drop or two of mineral oil.

Are you natural, relaxed, transitioning?

I'm natural

What do you hope to achieve from the challenge?
I'd like to see 2 inches of growth in 3 months. I'd like to perfect my four strand braid.

My hair is definitely longer than it was in April, I'll measure tomorrow to see if I made my 2 inch goal. My 4 strand braid is still too crappy to wear out, but I'll keep working on it.

After wearing your hair out will you restyle after [Pick One] 2 days or 3 days?

I only wore my hair out once during the challenge period while I was on vacation. I put it back up the next day. I've found that the combination of wearing my hair braided or bound up some how every day, and daily shed removal really cuts down on the tangling. To keep my detangling to a minimum I'm going to stick with protective styling.

Start Pic:


End of Challenge pic:

:lol:NappyNelle. Hey, no good reason. I just figured @PTY & MsDee14 were first. Plus I was probably being a dork because I've never co-hosted anything. It's interesting that flat ironing made you feel like everyone else. It's amazing what can be learned on this journey.

KinkyCurlygirl What an excellent idea! I'm going to try to do that soon. BTW, CUTE topknot. :gorgeous:
MeowMix You are so silly. It's not dorky to host a challenge (is it?) :lol: This was my first time and I loved it.

This is the 2nd time I've flat ironed my hair in 6+ years, so I definitely felt out of my element. My SO liked it; he said he prefers my 'out' styles to my twists. :( Apparently, my twists look like extensions and my 'out' styles are obviously real hair. Oh well. I have growth goals, so I will be back in twists soon. :lol:

jprayze I know you are on hiatus as the moment, but I saw your doppleganger at a restaurant yesterday! She could have been your sister, but wearing a low bun. I was so excited, and then I remembered you don't live in NY. :giggle:

kinkycurlygurl I planned to do that too! I love your headband.
NappyNelle. Oh hey, I've GOT to take some writing classes. Hosts of challenges are definitely the BOMB. I was saying that I may be too much of a dork to co-host. I guess that last post kind of proved it:lachen::lachen::lachen:. Running over to the 7/1 thread to sign up.
@lomaxee Your hair looks GREAT! and 5 inches in 11 months, that's impressive.

Is the first pic in red your flat-iron results?

Yes, the first pic is my flat iron results. I made my beautician take it and she was so confused about why I need to take a picture pre-cut, lol. I explained that you all needed to see of course!

Thanks everyone for the compliments.
Hi ladies! Now that my power is back on, I will probably snap a pic tomorrow and post for comparison...if I can get a good picture! :look: Thanks a bunch! It's been fun ladies and I just may stick around for the next round! :yep:
@faithVA. Thank you for co-hosting this round. You doing CG or are you in for summer? HHJ

I am a terrible co-host :nono: I completely forgot I was co-hosting.

I am doing CG probably through the end of August. Then I will decide from there. I am twisting my hair but I am cowashing so much I am not making it 5 days.

But I will be lurking to watch the great progress in here.
Sorry I'm a little late to the update game. Here are my final pics. Not much growth for my nape are unfortunately but the rest of my hair looks to be catching up. Disappointed and excited all at the same time.


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Even though I had to drop out of this challenge, I wanted to say that my nape grew and retained length amazingly well because of twisting and bunning.

I was able to cut my hair even for the first time in years (the top is usually longer) and now I feel very happy with my hair. Here is a twist out picture.

I flat twist and I think it looks pretty (I got used to it shrinking up from BSL to shoulder length), though I'm still hoping to improve my technique:yep::


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