Twist/Braid/Bun for Growth Challenge 10/1/13-12/31/13

You know I want to poke you back, right? :grin:
>>>>>>>> Do you want to host? :yep:

I will probably continue to wear mostly twists as I have the past three years BUT I don't want to commit to host and not be able to carry the load. I'm facing a tough school year
(7th grade Special Ed Science teacher)
new standards, new evaluations, a lot of prep.... :ohwell:

---I'm willing to help out anyone who is willing to host ---

You are going to be busy! I'll accept that poke! :grin:

Tibbar I started a new thread but I would love and welcome your help!

You too prettybyrd. :look:

toaster, let me know how I can help! I'm going to come looking for the new thread. I'm all in for twists and braids this year.
toaster, prettybyrd:

Thank you ladies for stepping up! I know everyone appreciates it. I will do whatever I can to:

help / support / keep the thread moving / answer questions... whatever ...

>>>>> only one I am really faithful to... :lol:
Hello ladies!

Is anyone still doing the mini twists/braids? I just installed some last night - not really a good job, but I kept them least for today.