Our New Hair Loss Forum!!!


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Ladies - we have a Hair loss Forum. A place dedicated to discussions, questions, remedies, methods, all things related to hair loss! So let's get busy helping one another address this prevalent issue.

@beverly - thank you for creating this awesome forum for us.

You have been quite busy moving threads to the forum and it's very much appreciated. :yay:
I believe this is why I haven't been around in ages bc of hair loss. Thank you for this haven.
I think it's hard for many of us to accept. People say "It's because you wear braids or wear your hair back or you're pulling your edges...". But my hair is thinking all over. It's just ore apparent around the edges.
Ohhhhhhhhhhh ... so this forum was just started a couple of weeks ago? Thank goodness!! I know I haven't been over on this side of the board lately, but I was beginning to wonder how I could miss an entire forum about hair loss. Now I see Bev or one of the mods just moved over all hair loss threads to this new forum. Glad to see I'm not going crazy.

This is definitely a welcome addition to the board. :yep:
@ilong I am SO EXCITED that there is a Hairloss Forum!!! Thank You!!:yay:
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Thank you so much for receiving and embracing the new forum. I hope that it will evolve into a valuable repository of information and go to resource for questions, help and answers on various forms of hair loss.
There are a significant number of existing threads on the topic, which will be moved over to this forum/board over time, so we ask that everyone is patient.

Also, please continue to post and utilize the forum to contribute to its success.

Thank you all for your kind comments! Thanks again to @beverly for creating the Hair Loss Board.
Thank you so much!!!!
I am on a journey to get my hair back. When I saw this forum I almost cried!
This is great! I've been looking into a number of non surgical ways to fix hair loss and there are so many great studies such as the one with dermarolling
Hey ladies! Nobody really comes here, but that’s ok. I have experienced some hair loss in my crown area. There are two causes, one from a product and the other is from stress. I have had hair loss in this area before.
I just recently noticed it. So I will use a castor oil blend I got from the BSS store. I will add some essential oils to it. Also, i’m making changes to my diet and incorporating a lot of healthy foods, vegan protein shakes, water, carrot juice, and I shampoo my hair and scalp twice a week. I really believe keeping the scalp clean, getting rid of buildup promotes hair growth. Yes shampoos are suppose to strip oils, buildup, dirt, sweat, and salt from the hair and scalp. You smooth your cuticle and condition it with a conditioner. Shampoo lifts, conditioner closes and smooths down.
Seems like hair is already starting to sprout up. I don’t plan to relax, or heat style for the rest of this year anyway.
My hair suffered some trauma, so now I’m keeping my Reggie very simple. I have done enough with the protein, so I will work on moisturization. I have several leave-in sprays that have protein in them, so I will still get the protein I need.
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My hair loss was directly related to age, low iron and stress. It’s also white and gray which caused it to be brittle. I had two iron transfusions in November 2017. My Ferritin levels went up by the hundreds. My hair is thickening. I have thinning to the crown and a few spots in the front. It’s 12/31/2017. I am going to use a simple routine and take hair growth vitamins and also do daily massages. In the past I have had PRP injections to my scalp. This year is going to be the year of a careful and simple routine.
Happy 2018 to all of us and don’t lose hope.