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As a member of this site, you agree to the following:

01. Basic free accounts are given to all persons who register a user account with us, and with that account you will be granted certain free limited accesses. However, in order to post messages and use all of the features on this forum, you must pay the yearly subscription fee of $6.50 by subscribing.

02. A requirement to be a member of this forum is to have a valid email address. We rarely send emails to users as notifications and if we do it will be with your consent or it will be an important announcement for your protection. Not having an email address in your account is not allowed. We can and will at times reset verification of email addresses to users and if your email address is not valid your account will be blocked.

03. Even if you decide to purchase a sellers level account, your screen name can not be the same as your business name / website name. We realize that at anytime you can discontinue your sellers level account, and it would not be fair for you to continue to promote your business for free through us via the use of your screen name whenever you post something on this website.

04. If your business is the type that sells a product that has to be ingested orally, you may not purchase a sellers level account nor promote or discuss your business on this website.

05. Whether it be intentionally or not, if you purchase a sellers account, and the threads or post that you create on this forum cause discontent or disruptions to the forum, we the administration reserve the right to issue you a refund and close your account.

06. Advertising is not allowed anywhere on this website unless approved by the administrators. You can not advertise in your signature unless you are a 'seller member'. Advertising includes selling items on ebay and other sites like it, affiliate links, social media pages, etc.

07. Respect to all moderators and administrators of this forum is a requirement, and violation of this rule will result in an automatic 48 hour ban. Continued infractions may result in a permanent ban and termination of your account on this forum.

08. The owner of this forum is a believer of Christianity, and therefore this site does have elements that support the Christian faith.

09. Vulgar and sexually explicit / suggestive screen names are strictly prohibited.

10. Subscription costs $6.50 per year and you can pay once you register by clicking the "!!Subscribe!!" link at the top navigation bar. We do not keep any financial information about our members and we no longer have automatic renewals. You will need to click the "!!Subscribe!!" hyperlink each year to renew your subscription when it expires.

11. Sharing personal information or posting photos of members of this community onto external websites will result in a permanent ban of your account.

12. One member per account. Multiple users on one account is not allowed.

13. Members who have been permanently banned previously are not allowed back on the forum. Any attempts to join the forum will result in an instant permanent ban, no refund.

14. Your username cannot be that of a website, trademark, or email address.

15. Witchcraft/Voodoo: Threads /posts/ reported PM's relating to witchcraft, ( i.e. voodoo, spreading information on how to casts spells, and anything of that nature), will result in a termination of your account (permanent ban) after you have been warned 1 time not to do.

B. Astrology: All Astrology talk should be contained to the Official Astrology thread.

16. If it is determined that you have perpetrated a fraud on this website which causes any member to incur a financial loss, your account will be terminated and banned from this website.

17. You agree by using this service, that you will not use this board to post any material which you know to be inaccurate, obscene, profane, rude, racist, pornographic, or sexually explicit.

18. You agree not to post any copyrighted material unless the copyright is owned by you or by this board.

19. Soliciting of any kind on this forum is STRICTLY PROHIBITED. This includes Go Fund Me accounts.

20. Copying material or copyrighted materials from this site to your personal website or business venture is STRICTLY PROHIBITED and may result in legal action.

21. This is a NEUTRAL forum created to discuss products and share information only.

22. Topics not posted in the appropriate forums are subject to be moved or deleted entirely. If it is determined that you are someone who continues to do this even after being warned by staff, you will be subject to a ban and you risk your account being terminated.

23. User names that are deemed tasteless or offensive will be changed by the Administration without notification.

24. Avatars and/or photos in signatures must be tasteful or they will be deleted without notification. This rule also applies to signatures that exceed a reasonable limit making browsing and reading posts very difficult for other members. Animated images on signatures are not allowed.

25. Sexually suggestive or explicit photos, links leading to pornographic material or references to sexually explicit/vulgar sexual acts are NOT allowed.

26. Signatures deemed inappropriate or generally annoying by the administration are subject to editing or deletion.

27. You can not put URLs in your signature that display the IP addresses of other users.

28. Multiple links that are clearly solicitations will be removed.

29. We suggest that you read and re-read your statements before posting them on this forum to ensure that they are not offensive in any way. You will ultimately be held responsible for whatever you post.

30. Profanity AND any attempt to use profanity with fake curse words (i.e. ****, fuk, etc.) is NOT allowed. Any such posts may be edited or deleted entirely by the moderators and your account will be permanently banned if you do repeatedly use profane language on the open forum.

31. Name calling, personal attacks, insulting or degrading comments of any kind, or disrespecting the opinions of others is NOT allowed. It is expected that members will not always agree on everything, but we expect our members to disagree RESPECTFULLY with each other.

32. If it is determined by the moderators or admins that you are a person that is constantly in disputes or starting disputes with other members , which often times result in threads being closed, you run the risk of your account being terminated.

32B. Creating a thread to discuss a locked thread is against forum rules as it serves nothing but to continue drama.

33. Respect for every member's posts is not asked, but is a REQUIREMENT to remain a member of this forum.

34. Links in your signature or profile to any other hair websites, discussion forum, message board or social networking site are not allowed. Also posting such links on this forum or soliciting this sites members to other discussion forums via private messages will cause your account to be terminated / banned.

37. "Calling" people out on the forum IS NOT ALLOWED. Do not use the open forum to discuss personal disputes with other members.

38. Should a disagreement or dispute of any kind occur between yourself and another member, take it up with them RESPECTFULLY through private messages, NOT on the public forum. This sort of behavior will NOT be tolerated, and all such posts are subject to deletion.

39. This board is comprised of members as young as 13 years of age, and for that reason, we DO NOT want to see material posted that is inappropriate for members of that age group to view. All such threads and posts will be removed.

40. The administration of this forum reserves the right to delete certain posts and lock or close any given threads at any time, for whatever reason. If you are a person who starts threads with the sole intent of in-sighting drama on this site, you run the risk of your account being terminated (banned).

41. We are not able to accommodate request of deleting ALL threads or post that are created by a user. Permanently deletion of ALL of the post created by a user on this forum affects the integrity of our database, therefore any such request will NOT be honored.

42. We respectfully request that members avoid typing in all capital letters, bold or large font. It is very hard to read, and is actually considered to be yelling in "netiquette".

43. Same-sex relationships are prohibited from being discussed on this forum.

44. Random Thoughts Threads are not allowed on any forum except the Christian Fellowship Forum.

45. You can post your blog in your signature so long as your blog does not have any advertisements. Links you post in the forum are intended for information only and not for profit to the poster or the target website. Such links will be removed and can result in a ban.

46. You are allowed to change your username only once. Multiple requests for a new username will be declined and can lead to infractions.

47. We are unable to honor any request to delete a user account once you have subscribed and posted under your username due to past abuse by other members.

48. Taunting or bashing other members and/or encouraging other members to participate in actions that are disruptive to this forum (i.e. trolling) are prohibited and will result in a ban.

49. Current members can not post website information and/or product reviews or any other information on behalf of former members of Long Hair Care Forum which are currently banned.

50. The use of racial slurs in this forum will result in an immediate termination of your account, and permanent ban from this website.
While it’s understood that this forum is for women of color, we also welcome members of other races here. The world we currently live in is tumultuous, especially for women of color; which is why it’s important and encouraged that the forum is a safe space to express ourselves regarding racial injustices in our society.

While we strongly believe it’s important to express our hurt and pain, we insist that this is without resorting to bigotry, hate speech and name calling.

The use of racial slurs towards any people of any color or group is strictly forbidden. We know that our members, can express themselves intelligently without resorting to this.

51. Previously banned users who rejoin the forum after being permanently banned will be permanently banned immediately if they decide to rejoin this site, even if they do not violate any forum rules after rejoining the forum.

You can read and search this forum and all its boards. However in order to post you must subscribe to the forum paying the relevant annual fee.

Please note
: Violation of these rules can lead to the termination of your membership. Check the rules periodically since they are refined and revisited constantly


This site can shut down permanently (go out of business) at any time, and no refunds will be given.

2010-08-30 - Added #44
2010-12-02 - Formatting on #24
2011-01-01 - Clarified #23 regarding animated images
2011-01-26 - Added #45
2011-05-30 - Added #46
2012-02-27 - Added verbiage about no longer accepting recurring transactions
2013-07-10 - Clarification about advertising
2013-08-07 - Clarification on what type of behavior will result in a ban # 48
2013-09-06 - Clarification on content that is prohibited from being posted on this site
2016-09-28 - Added Rule 50
2018-05-07 - Added clarification regarding racial slurs etc.
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