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Hi ladies,
It has been a while since I have been on this side of the forum, but I was wondering if you ladies could direct me to books that focus on cooking recipes that specialize in growing healthy hair.

There was a recommendation for Mary Ann Crenshaw’s book - The Natural Way to Super Beauty by @Br*nzeb*mbsh~ll

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[**WARNING**reputation for being a scammer, just posted her blog as a resource for Ayurvedic routines for afro hair]
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Narcolepsy health routine
Routine against hair breakage


@larry3344 I can personally attest to this..For an entire month I washed my hair once a week & did a pre poo right before using fresh cactus juice/gel,after I would apply blackseed oil on my scalp/ends and this combination turned out to be a win win,with thickness and less shedding “Immediate Results”

****Keep the information coming.

Happy Hair Growing!
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