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On Saturday, I used a mix of henna and hibiscus mixed with clove water. I'm also trying to be consistent with massaging my scalp. I slacked off for many moons, but I'm aiming for at least once a day for 3-4mins.
OK, count me in!!:biggrin:

This is probably the only challenge I'll join as I have no length goal and I'm just trying to get back into the habit of a regular regi.
I'll be back later to add my powders/regi
So I usually don't add anything to my hair without EXTENSIVE research but I'm lazy these days. I saw @GGsKin (I think) mention something about clove and I had this clove bud EO in my stash wasting away that I used for wisdom teeth pain a few years ago. So I added about 30 drops of that to my Bhringaraj and Brahmi scalp oil infused with the last of my nettle leaf and horsetail. Will try to use about 3 times a week until I can get back to doing it nightly. Just used it for the first time tonight. Off to read about any side effects, lol.

Also getting ready to mix up my trusty cleanser and conditioner mixes that I had been using for years:
Cleanser - Shikakai and Neem powders tea, mixed into a Peppermint castile soap and unscented castile soap base with Lemon EO for scent.

Conditioner (leave in) - Henna, Hibiscus and Amla powders tea mixed into a Suave conditioner as a base with Sweet Orange EO for scent.
@MzSwift :hiya:. Yes, it was the thread started by @Prettymetty, that got me into trying clove water. The essential oil sounds great- I've read good things about it.

Thank you, sis! I started reading that night.
It's weird but I feel like it relaxed me after I used it. I know that there are some ayurveda powders that are supposed to invoke relaxation if massaged into the scalp but I've been using that oil mix for years. I wonder if it was the clove bud EO. I didn't see anything about that in old threads.
Been applying my Amla/Bhringaraj/horestail/nettle/clove bud scalp oil every other day. I added peppermint and sweet orange EOs to the mix to help w the smell

I've also been using henna/brahmi/hibiscus powders mixed into a Cholesterol base to braid my cornrows every 2 weeks. I wait a few days before rinsing/washing it out. I'm thinking of doing 30 mins under my conditioning heat cap after doing my cornrows to DC a bit with the mixture.
Hi @snoop Do you use triphala in any other ways (ingestion)? I've seen you mention it for your Ayurvedic treatments, but it's potential benefits are intriguing. Especially since I have naturally high blood pressure.

I haven't tried ingesting it. I have high BP too, but never looked into it's uses internally or for this reason.... I guess I should read up on it.