20-21 Coffee Tea Acv Ayur Onion Rice Chebe Challenge

I need to start the year of right. I have been doing onion treatments with aloe one a week. Also, am washing hair with soapnuts, shikakai and various herbs weekly so I think this is the place for me. If you will have me, I would like to join this challenge.
I’m in..Have a bunch of rice water to use..
My last wash & Dc I used ST rice water & I had very little shedding.

Happy Hair Growing!
I am so in. I've been doing alot more lurking than posting but hopefully that will change in 2020. I will continue to incorporate ayurveda into my regimen. My hair growth oil and my monthly henna treatments are not going anywhere but I'm still debating whether to continue clay washing. I still love a good sudsy poo.