2021 Twist, Braid, Bun Challenge - No Hiding Your Hair

How long do they take? Do you have to refresh them 1 to 2 times a week? Does that just mean you find specific ones and redo them?
It used to take me 2 hours when my hair was a bit shorter but now it takes me around 3 hrs. I refresh about 2 times a week depending on how my hair feels.

I actually don't redo my twists at all between wash days. I normally just put them in a ponytail when they start looking raggedy. But hmmm maybe I should.
It used to take me 2 hours when my hair was a bit shorter but now it takes me around 3 hrs. I refresh about 2 times a week depending on how my hair feels.

I actually don't redo my twists at all between wash days. I normally just put them in a ponytail when they start looking raggedy. But hmmm maybe I should.
Ok. I think 3 hours for two weeks is great. There are very few healthy styles you can get for 1.5 hours a week.
I have been trying to improve my wash and go technique. But I'm a bit tired of the effort. I have an appointment for my curly cut tomorrow. But I will probably go back to 2 strand twists at the end of July. It doesn't take that much more time to put in 2 strand twists than it does to do a wash and go. And the maintenance of twists are easier.
Took me less than an hour to do these twists today! They're a bit bigger, especially in the front so I might refresh next weekend depending on how things look.

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Welp so three of my family members didn't like my doodoo twists so I retwisted and made them a bit smaller on Wednesday.


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Took out smaller twists last week and have been keeping my hair in in 14 large chunky twists and my bangs are split into 2 small twists. I cut the relaxed ends off my bangs. Depending on how they look and my mood I may do the big chop on the rest of my hair.
I have been taking a break from everything but feeling like I'm ready to get back on point. I was doing wash and goes but definitely need a break from that. I put in 2 strands last Thursday. I rinsed them Thursday. I went to float therapy yesterday and rinsed and conditioned after that. I just took them out. I hope to wash and reset tomorrow.

I definitely plan to stick to twist until my next stylist appointment in November.

My twist aren't beautiful but they really allow me to be hair care free all week. And now that I can rinse my twist, I can extend my wear time.
I FINALLY got to my head today. I shampooed, used a rinse out and then use KCKT as my leave-in. I twisted with Kinky Curly. I really need to remember to apply the gel all at once when my hair is still wet. It is easier, faster and I use less gel. After about 1 hour I wanted to quit :lol: But I will be glad during the week that I don't have to do anything.

I'm going to try to make it 9 days and reset next Sunday if I can.
I went to float zone on Sunday so I made it. I was going to just rinse and keep going but there was so much salt in my hair that it was impossible. I had to shampoo 3x to make sure it was clean. But I knew I wanted to re-install 2 strands today so I just put in flat twist on Sunday. Tonight I shampooed and put in a set of 2 strands. Want to keep these in until the weekend. The Kinky Curly leave-in and gel work really well for twists. My twist feel moisturized all week.

My girlfriend wants to go swimming this weekend but I'm not going to want to do my hair again. Will see how that turns out.

My twist are looking better but I definitely looking forward to regaining my length. :yep:
Thanks! If my scalp doesn't itch because of the gel in the next week, it prob will become a rotating hairstyle.
Just looking back at my posts and yeah my scalp itched. Me and gel really don't mix anymore.

Did a twist out earlier in the week for some photos but now I'm putting my hair back in my twists. I think after most of my stash is depleted this quarter, I might be a mini-twists-every-three-weeks kinda girl.
It is wash day today. I took my twist out and my hair is so soft I was tempted to wear a twist out tomorrow. But I know if I put it up tonight I will be able to enjoy my weekend better :yep:

I have been using various gels for my twist for the past few months. And I can say without a double KKNT with the gel last the best and keeps my hair feeling soft. When I take my twist out my hair still fees soft and moisturized. I'm going to use my TGIN leave-in with the other gels I have and use them up. Maybe I can find a leave-in that helps soften my hair with the other gels. I also have a cream I bought from my stylists. I don't have a good feeling about it but I will try it one more time before I push it to the back.
For the past month or two, I've been wearing my hair in large twists and detangling my hair in the shower, up to twice during the week. My hair seems to really like this. However, I think that I'm going to switch things up a bit and install mini twists for the month of October.
I've been doing my hair mid-week because I've been traveling over the weekends. Being able to install twist has been a life-saver and made traveling so much easier. It is nice not to have to worry about doing my hair.

I took my hair down last night after a week. Tonight I colored, cleansed and put in big twists. I will install twist tomorrow evening when I have more time and will wear them for a week.

My hair has really improved to a point where I can rinse my hair in twist and get an extra day or two out of my style. I'm going to experiment with applying a leave-in after I rinse to see if it holds up better. I might be able to get two weeks out of it. Will have to see.
Rewet my hair, added kinky curly gel and then twisted it up. I twisted it up in 90 minutes. That is a record for me. Glad to know I can get it done in less than 2 hours :yay:

I will remember to wear my cap so I can make this last a week.
Wore my last set of twists for 10 days :yay: I usually don't get that much wear out of them. As my hair gets longer, I should be able to get 2 weeks but I need to pin them down. My hair goes in all types of direction even if I wear a bonnet or a scarf.

Trying a wash and go this week and maybe next but I will be back in twist after that.
I started installing some mini twists tonight. I got halfway done before calling it quits. When I'm finished I'll give my hair a much needed trim.
I am such a boring hair person. Even this style was an upgrade from my normal twist thrown into a bun.

I thought my bantu knots were cute until my husband proceeded to compare me to Cynthia doll from the Rugrats


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