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2012 Ceramides Challenge

Part II


Want improved moisture/protein balance? Manage porosity? Shinier hair? Stronger more manageable hair? Fortify you hair against heat/chemical services?


Whether you are relaxed, texlaxed, permed, natural, use diect heat, indirect heat, low heat, no heat, color treated, highlighted, no color; Everyone can benefit from ceramides. :yep:

What are ceramides?

Ceramides are fatty molecules that naturally occur in the hair fiber. They are the "glue' of the hair fiber that hold all of the layers together.

How do ceramides benefit hair?

Ceramides form a seal on the cuticle layer, limiting the loss of protein molecules from the hair shaft; protecting the fiber against normal wear and tear from manipulation (washing & styling), UV rays, heat and chemical services; like dye, relaxers etc. This seal also helps to keep the cuticle flat and tightly packed; they fill in gaps in the cuticle, giving shine and keeping porosity low. Over time, hair loses ceramide molecules. From heat and chemical but also just from the hair istself aging. Older and/or damaged hair contains less ceramide than newer/healthier hair. So it makes sense to incorporate ceramides to maintain hair health.

*Note: Ceramides help limit the loss of protein and help strengthen the hair fiber. However they are not proteins, nor can they replace protein in your reggie. (Some people have found they need less protein though)

Where can I find ceramides?

There are plant oils and extracts that contain plant ceramides. They function much the same as those found in our own hair. Many hair products also contain natural and synthetic ceramides


The Challenge will run in four parts:

Part 1: January 1st –March 31st
Part 2: April 1st – June 30th
Part 3: July 1st – September 30th
Part 4: October 1st - December 31st

Challenge Rules:

1. Use a ceramide containing product at least once a week.

2. Check in and let us know how its going for you.

3. Share your reviews on products you have tried, as well as any ceramide info you may stumble upon.

Wanna join? Mention or PM me and you're good to go!
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i got back on the ceramides this past weekend. did a sunflower oil rinse (with castor oil mixed).

it'd been a long time since i had used anything w/ ceramides.
Yes!! Count me IN! I am a ceramide luvvaaaa. Still going strong with my hempseed/grapeseed/avocado oil mix for sealing. :love:
Count me in as well please.

I use a rice bran/grapeseed/meadowfoam seed/black cumin seed oil mix to seal, pre-poo, and layer over DCs.
@halee_J - please sign me up. I'll be using ceremides 3x per week, at least. Products I'll use:

Tiffani pomade :lick:
SD Nourish
SD wheat germ
Kyras hydrating hemp ( and moisturizer, but not sure about ceramides)
I ordered a conditioner base that contains wheat germ oil
Claudie's Braid Spray
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What ceramide oils/products will you be using? Grape seed oil, Hemp seed oil, Alterna Hemp Shine Pomade & Strengthening Balm, It's a 10 miracle leave-in(sunflower oil), Taliah
Waajid PMB

How will you be using them? (pre-poo, shampoo, DC, leave-in, sealing etc) Pre-poo, DC Leave-in, Styling and Sealing

How often will you be using them? weekly for Pre-poo/DC and daily for Styling & Sealing
Still going strong on my ceramides. About to rinse out my Fekkai protein treatment + KeraCare hair oil which both have ceramides/ceramide oils. After I shampoo I'll be conditioning with L'Oreal EverStrong deep treatment which also has ceramides.
Been using my L'Oreal EverStrong Overnight Repair Treatment nightly.
Massaged my growth mix in my scalp (MN, hemp oil, sapote oil & castor oil)

And steamed with hemp oil :)
tiffers - I was thinking about adding some of your namesake pomade into my growth add concoction I created last night, bout 1/2 jar lenzi request, claudie's iman butter, lil bit if Trigga! Think I will add some Tiffani Pomade to the mix.

I am IN! My first official challenge. :grin:

I will use: hempseed, wheat germ, and grapeseed oils.
I use them to seal, and in my moisture mix, and to steam etc.

I am in micros right now though, so I will only be using it on my scalp for now... and in a spray mix for my own hair. (probably a minimum of 3 times a week)
I am in I am in ...I am In , I am in...
will be using Hemp seed oil exclusively to seal :) when is the end of Part 2?
@halee J
please count me in.
grapeseed oil is the oil i use when i do the LOC method (daily) and also to oil rinse.
appiled it's a 10 miracle leave-in on damp hair, then once hair was dry i moisturized and sealed with hemp seed oil.
I'm in!

I will be using hempseed oil, hempseed butter, sunflower oil, grapeseed oil, Silk Dreams Nourish, SD's Wheat Germ Butter Conditioner, Tiffani's Ceramide Pomade, Claudie's Braid Spray, and Claudie's Deep Moisturizing Conditioner.
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