2012 Ceramides Challenge Part 4 (Oct 1 - Dec 31st)


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2012 Ceramides Challenge

Part 4


Want improved moisture/protein balance? Manage porosity? Shinier hair? Stronger more manageable hair? Fortify you hair against heat/chemical services?


Whether you are relaxed, texlaxed, permed, natural, use diect heat, indirect heat, low heat, no heat, color treated, highlighted, no color; Everyone can benefit from ceramides. :yep:

What are ceramides?

Ceramides are fatty molecules that naturally occur in the hair fiber. They are the "glue' of the hair fiber that hold all of the layers together.

How do ceramides benefit hair?

Ceramides form a seal on the cuticle layer, limiting the loss of protein molecules from the hair shaft; protecting the fiber against normal wear and tear from manipulation (washing & styling), UV rays, heat and chemical services; like dye, relaxers etc. This seal also helps to keep the cuticle flat and tightly packed; they fill in gaps in the cuticle, giving shine and keeping porosity low. Over time, hair loses ceramide molecules. From heat and chemical but also just from the hair istself aging. Older and/or damaged hair contains less ceramide than newer/healthier hair. So it makes sense to incorporate ceramides to maintain hair health.

*Note: Ceramides help limit the loss of protein and help strengthen the hair fiber. However they are not proteins, nor can they replace protein in your reggie. (Some people have found they need less protein though)

Where can I find ceramides?

There are plant oils and extracts that contain plant ceramides. They function much the same as those found in our own hair. Many hair products also contain natural and synthetic ceramides


This is the final part of this year long challenge:

Part 4: October 1st - December 31st

Challenge Rules:

1. Use a ceramide containing product at least once a week.

2. Check in and let us know how its going for you.

3. Share your reviews on products you have tried, as well as any ceramide info you may stumble upon.

Wanna join? Mention or PM me and you're good to go!
@hales_j I'm in:)
Ill be using my oils: sunflower, wheat germ
And plenty ceramide containing conditioners and leave ins
Let's go! Applying my NJoy mix at midnight (seriously) which has WGO :). Applying nightly for two weeks. I also use AOHSR as my co-wash rinse out 1-2x / week.

Other products in rotation that contain ceramides are:

- Silicon Mix
- Proteina de Perla (Silicon Mix)
- Redken Anti-Snap
- ORS Hair Mayonaise
- Silk Dreams Whip My Hair CC (WGO)
- Miss Key 10-en-1

On my list for my next Dominican BSS visit (sometime this week):

Salerm WG Conditioner
Crece Pelo Leave-In

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I'm in. I'll be using safflower, sunflower or grape seed oil. My castor oil pomade also contains ceramides.
Yes! Back in using hemp seed oil in my sulfur mix, Giovanni conditioners, and Aubrey deep conditioners.
I am in. Love this challenge. Recently bought rice bran oil. Will use along with my beloved hemp seed oil and sunflower and safflower infused oils.
I'm still using hemp seed oil daily. Last month I switched it up to oil my hair every day and I think it's been working well.
Unfortunatley, I'm giving up AO GPB because I think it's overpriced and I only get 3 uses out of it. Intead I'm going to mix some wheatgerm oil in with my coconut milk and honey DCs.
Thanks for including me halee_J,

I'm in. Using my grapeseed/argan oil mix as a prepoo. I know my hair will thank me with this colder weather.
I will be using heavier ceramides now that its getting cooler, like more Wheatgerm oil in my shea butter mix and using hempseed butter.
I am still in...using my hempseed oil mix. Had fallen off for a while and could tell the difference. So back to the tried and true. I also plan to buy some wheatgerm oil. Go heavy in the paint with ceramide for the rest of the year.
Doing my deep ceramide treatment on dry hair tonight using SD Vanilla Silk, AO GPB, Organix Morrocan oil DC, Sunflower and wheat germ oil. Will cw in the morning with Aussie moist:)
Did a Proteina de Perla dry DC with heat, co-washed with AOHSR, applied AE Garlic Mask to scalp (relaxer style), massaged for five minutes, applied Silk Dreams Vanilla Silk atop; alongside Grapeseed, Sunflower and Wheat Germ oils under heat... and applied my NJoy mix. :spinning:

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Just rinsed out my pre-poo of WGO, and added more WGO to my Aphogee 2 Min protein tx. Afterwards I will be adding Soybean Oil to my DC (I still can't find my preferred sunflower oil!)
I'm in. Will be using Kanechom ceramides cond, Silicon Mix Cond and leave in. Also using Biolage leave in. I think it has ceramides. I will have to purchase a ceramide oil. Hair is nice and soft from cowashing last night.
Sealing generously with my ceramide shea butter mix. Humidity is droppin' quick round these parts...
halee_J please count me in...Ill use grapeseed oil and sunflower oil because I have them on hand and will read up on the others. I got a really big bottle of sunflower oil st big lots for $4.