2012 Ceramides Challenge Part 4 (Oct 1 - Dec 31st)

DCing right now with Claudie's Vere oil on top.
I'll be using her Quinoa Coffee cream as my leave in and sealing with Nourish oil. Ceramides all around. :lick:
Prepoo with ceramide mix also used Mizani fortyfiying shampoo which also has ceramide

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I sealed my nape area with my SheaCocoa GSO Butter. Sealing the rest of my head with GSO straight.
Questions for ceramide-containing product and oil users:

1. Do you find that ceramides can replace what silicones do for hair?
2. Have you reduced the amount of protein product use because of them?
3. Have you had any problems concerning build-up on the hair since you started using them?
4. Can you rank the oils in terms of viscosity (from thin to thick)?
I used my grapeseed/rice bran oil oil for my oil rinse. My hair really likes oil rinsing. I wonder if the Napa Valley grapeseed oil will kick it up a notch. Maybe that with some WGO :thought:
im consistently using ceramides...but i havent been updating because im not using anything new/different. still the kinky curly perfectly polished oil (contains wheat germ oil) and the shea moisture baby ointment (contains safflower oil).

but just to update, i use them often. almost everyday. ;) if i buy some new ceramidey thing, i'll post it up! :p
I meant to post in here to say that I'll be pre-pooing with sunflower oil each Sunday. I'd like to see how my hair changes with the consistent use of ceramides. Need to get some GSO too. I'd like to try it.
Using my butter this morning on my nape area.....GSO used throughout my head.

OMG I need more GSO, I need a job to buy some cause my momma is going to look at me crazy and tell me to go use the EVCO and that aint happening LOL :lachen:
Pre-pooed with sunflower oil for about 3 hours and am about to DC. I drenched my hair in the oil. I love that I have not had to pick up a comb to detangle. That process is already done! This is a keeper...
I dunno if I can still join, but if I can COUNT ME IN! :yep:.

I have been using ceramides consistently for the entire year, everyday and I LOVEEEEEEE THEM! Pretty much every oil I'm currently using contains traces of ceramides in them.

What I'm currently using:
*Tiffani's Ceramide Pomade By Claudie's
*Tropic Isle Living JBCO Serum W/ Argan Oil (Contains Wheat Germ)
*Hempseed Oil (To prepoo and sometimes as a additives in my dc's)
*Wheat Germ Oil (See Above ^^^^)
*Rice Bran Oil (DC Additive and as a prepoo when I'm out of Hempseed and Wheat Germ)
*Grapeseed oil (DC Additive)
*Sunflower Oil (I honestly haven't really use this one much, but I have it :ohwell:)

and probably a couple more, but I can't remember right now.