2019 Oil Butter Grease Creme Pomade Lotion Challenge


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Happy 2019 Sister Challengers! Let's make it a Great Year!:hiya:

This is specifically for all the Oil, Butter, Grease, Creme, Pomade and Hair Lotion Challengers!

You are being "MENTIONED" because you participated in 2018 Challenge.

Let's all finish strong this Year! New Year -- New You!:flahssssss:

My Only Requirement is NO RANDOM POSTS! If you have a question, PM that Member, so we can keep our Challenge on Track!

Okay Ya'll Let's Do This!:grouphug2:
@Alma Petra
Tested my Asha + Miel-Ayurvedic whipped hair butter,just a little bit & on a small part of my hair and it’s still nice and soft,see if it last tomorrow..I also used the herbal spritz spray on my edges just to try it out & it gives great stimulation/with a lite herbal smell..

Happy Hair Growing!
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I used both BM Grease and my premixed Shea butter blend to seal in my herbal tea rinse tonight.

I still have about 3 lbs of shea butter to use up and most likely will be making my new SB purchase from www.3cayg.com when I run very low.

This was even better than the BM grease by itself. I think this will be my heavy sealant combo moving forward. I really like how my hair felt.
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