2018 Oil Grease Butter Creme Lotion Pomade Challenge


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It's a New Year!

So Let's Make it a New You with the Annual Oil, Grease, Butter, Creme, Lotion, Pomade Challenge.

Doesn't matter what you use, just come in and let us know! You know what to do. :2inlove:

The Challenge is Open to ALL from January - January. You can Join Anytime.:yep:

My Only REQUIREMENT is No Random Posts - For the Continuity of the Thread. Either Join us or ask a Member your question via PM.:nono2:

The Reason you are being "Mentioned" is because you were a part of the 2017 Challenge:
@Nicole Hunter
@Alma Petra

I'm late, but I'm here!
Did a quicky detangling rinse with the last of Castor Mix #5. Castor Shea is next.

Why do I have the urge to try neem oil for a month or two? To see what it does, I guess. During the winter of course...
Applied SSI Seyani Butter to my length, concentrating on ends. Then, I applied SSI Coriander & Fig to my length, ends, and edges. I'll be bunning tomorrow.
Did a triple oil wash/detangle with MCT, the very, very last of Castor Mix #5 (and let it sit while I showered), and then the Castor Shea Mix. I will never do the last mix again - it smelt funny even with the EOs and the texture was weird because the shea oil weakened the castor too much. I will add some more castor oil later.