2017 Oil Grease Butter Creme Lotion Pomade Challenge

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It's Officially. I am a Unrefined SB Mixtress. :lol:

Gurl...the SB Challenge sucked me all the way in. :nono:

I even bought a hand-held mixer (cheapie) to mix with, instead of using the one I use when baking/mixing. :ohwell:

I also bought some fra.grance oils today, so everything won't smell bland.:yep:

Oil rinse with straight neem oil, no lye. Medium thickness, slightly thicker than hempseed oil. Thoroughly rinsed and massaged it out, so-so for detangling, leaves a film. Yeah, my hair smells, but it's faint and I ain't gone nowhere else today.
Did an oil rinse with MCT for the first time ever. So far, no reactions. So-so for detangling and the film is light, but not stripping (jojoba is the only one that strips my hair).

My hair still smells faintly of neem, stronger when wet.
Not open for further replies.