Using serums only and no oil?


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How many here only use hair serums in their hair and no oil at all? Do you think it's possible to do this and maintain healthy hair? I wonder if this is what Ophrah's "no oil" routine consists of.
My wet bun airdries touchable, soft, and smooth when I leave in LUST (thick creamy leave in) and seal with John Frieda relax texture correcting serum. When I seal with olive oil, the new growth dries hard and brittle. If I moisturize with Clairol renewal 5X Daily Nourishment leave in (thinner creamy leave in) and seal with serum, the entire bun dries hard and brittle.

I can't beat the COMBINATION of a thick conditioning leave in and a serum.
For two years, I used no oils or other leave-ins. Just shampooed and conditioned more often or did frequent conditioner washes, then applied John Frieda's Frizz-Ease Serum. I wore my hair in braids and I don't think my hair underwent any damage. So I think it is possible to make do with just serums.

The only thing about serums is I think the coating they provide is so thick that if you want to add moisture to your hair, the only way to do so is to wash it to remove the coating. Then repeat the application of serum while hair is soaking wet. This way the new moisture is locked in again.

Just my $0.02.
I use little, if any, oil in my regime. I certainly don't use it regularly. The most oil I get is Kemi sometimes (sually on my edges because it smooths well and makes the area a little more pliable) and the tablespoon of olive oil I add to some of my conditioners. I mostly use serums - and I use them in the same way most people would use oil - to seal in moisture. For my ends I'm preferring a dab of ORS - which is a pomade, but which I use very sparingly and only once every two or three days. I don't do oil treatments, I don't put oil on my wet hair and I don't oil my scalp. I rely primarily on serums - and have had no adverse effect.
Oils are not for everyone. Oils just leave my hair greasy and oily. I use aloe vera about twice a week and a dab of Natures Therapy Unfrizz smoothing creme and my hair is very moisturized and silky! I also like the smoothing effect of a serum. The only oil that I will be using right now is HHB which I just ordered. I need it to soften my new growth, I hope it works. Other than that, NO OIL for me
I use my serum without oil. I like using my serum with a little leave-in conditioner. This combo always works for me.
I use WGHO on my ends, but it doesn't seem to sit on the top of my head like other oils. I hate oils like hotsix oil, or african-pride oils, they smell good, but do nothing for me.

This week I have gone without much oil at all (just a pea sized amount of wildgrowth hair oil to the entire outer perimeter of my hair, and it feels really good.
Thanks for the replies, everyone. I'm thinking about trying the Smooth N' Shine serum first, with maybe just a tiny bit of some kind of oil. I'm looking for a regimen that will give my hair that light and full of movement look.
I just found a great serum from Cream of Nature. It's called Hair Fortifying Serum. It supposed to make the hair stronger, smoother and shinier by smoothing down the cuticles. When I put on my hair it instantly made it soft, smooth, shiny. Plus the product is non-gresy. A good buy!
This weekend I used a serum after washing my hair with Creme of Nature Shampoo and conditioning with Pantene S&S. I was suprised with the results. It turned out to be smoother and retained moisture more than my hair does without it. Today I applied an oil to my hair and it still feels moisturized.
I don't really use oils. But when I do use serums or any styling aide, I only apply it on wet hair. I rarely apply any hairdressing on my hair after it is fully dried.
I raved about proclaim glossing polish on another post. But its a serum that has that contains natural oils, but does not weigh hair down at all nor leave it greasy. This is definitely added to my list of staples.