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These rules may be modified at any time, and as a 'seller member', you must abide by these rules mentioned below:

  1. Even if you decide to purchase a sellers level account, your screen name can not be the same as your business name / website name. We realize that at anytime you can discontinue your sellers level account, and it would not be fair for you to continue to promote your business for free through us via the use of your screen name whenever you post something on this website.
  2. The cost to participate in this forum is $100 per 2 month period.
  3. You can ONLY post and advertise your service or product within the VENDORS AND SELLERS REVIEW FORUM. You agree that you will not post any information pertaining to your product in the other forums/areas within this site.
  4. You may not make create more than 1 thread per day in the sellers forum pertaining to your good and/or service, however you can reply to threads already created about your good and/or service as often as you would like.
  5. You can only send private messages about your good or service to members when the request for you contact them privately in the open forum, or either when they have contacted you first about your product or service via a private message.
  6. You may not mass private message any members about your good and/or service.
  7. If you decide to place a banner in your signature, the height should not exceed 60 pixels and width 468 pixels.
  8. After your 2 month term has expired, if you decide not to renew your sellers account, then you must discontinue from posting about your good or service in the sellers forum and also remove the banner from your signature if applicable.
  9. No refunds will be issued if you have paid for your 2 month term, and you have violated the forum rules mentioned above. You may still remain a member and participate in the user community as a regular member however.
  10. If you repeatedly violate any of the above rules, your seller's account is subject to be terminated.
  11. The Long Hair Care Forum is NOT responsible for the accuracy of any claims made by vendors posting on this forum. All vendors are independent, and are NOT backed by the Long Hair Care Forum. Members engaging in business transactions with vendors advertising here do so at their own risk. We cannot settle disputes between vendors and customers.
  12. All vendors have an individual obligation to present themselves and their products/services as accurately and as honestly as possible.
  13. It is strictly prohibited to advertise your hair care related discussion forum, beauty blog, or any other discussion forum directly or indirectly in the sellers forum, and doing so will result in the termination of your account

If you have questions or problems with your seller's account, please click the 'contact us' link above to submit a ticket.
Not open for further replies.