Luscious Healthy Ends Challenge 2012

LaidBak said:
Had to trim yet again. My nape just wont seem to grow. You see that chunk in the middle that is missing? I trimmed all the rest up to there. *sigh*

LaidBak I had the same problem where the middle of my nape wouldn't grow and was noticeably shorter than the rest of my hair. I basically got a trim to even it up, stopped wearing necklaces when my hair is down ( they can pull hairs), started wrapping at night with a soft scarf that doesn't rub back there, and used a little more moisturizer back there whenever I M&S. It's been growing much better now, since I've removed all possible options of friction on my nape. Hope this helps!
I've been keeping up with moisturizing and sealing every few days. I haven't been funding too many ssks, so I think the heavy sealing is making a difference.

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My ends are feeling better, but still popping off. Hope this is progress. Seems like I am breakage free after a trim, neem mask or heavy protein. The knots have reduced.
I forgot I was in this challenge.

I plan on cutting off at least an inch when I get some new shears. These ssks are getting on my nerves.
:superbanana: It is a great day! When I rinsed out my scalp mask today, I had only two shed hairs, and two broken ones. The hot oil may have done the trick. My hair seems to really like hemp seed oil. One day, this will be normal for me.
It's time for a trim...been about 6 months, but hopefully it won't be too much that has to come off.
I trimmed a little early this month so that I could rock my twist for the week end. My ends have been breakage light for three days, wow.

Just got a trim/cut after 8 months. My ends were in bad shape, but I plan to pay more attention to them from here on out.
I did the Komaza Hair Analysis and the verdict was that I couldn't save my ends nor my hair. She recommended that I cut it down to 2" and start over. So last night I cut my hair to 2". So definitely starting with fresh ends.

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I went almost a week without doing the heavy sealing on my ends. I was still moisturizing, but not sealing. I was starting to feel some knots on my ends so I moisturized and sealed with vaseline this morning. I guess heavy sealing is a must for me when my hair is not straight.

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faithVA Your cut is really cute, but when did this happen? Where can I read the details? Your hair never seemed damaged to me, so I'm just confused that your hair was beyond repair. :perplexed

Last night I sealed my damp hair with HH Avocado Cloud, concentrating on my ends.
@faithVA Your cut is really cute, but when did this happen? Where can I read the details? Your hair never seemed damaged to me, so I'm just confused that your hair was beyond repair. :perplexed

Last night I sealed my damp hair with HH Avocado Cloud, concentrating on my ends.

Hey NappyNelle! Thank You. It is not as painful as I thought. I cut it to 2" on Saturday and then shaped it again on Sunday :look:

I didn't know my hair was damaged that badly either. I had a hair analysis with KomazaCare and she said that I had heat damaged my hair and it was severe that the mid-shaft splits had worked their way up to about 2" to 3" from the root. :blush: I always wondered why my ends were so crazy, thus this thread. So even though I was dusting and trimming, I wasn't going high enough so the splits kept spreading.

You can read more about it in my blog.

I am hoping that I got most of the damage. But my ends still aren't luscious. :nono: I am not sure if I didn't get it all and still need to dust every 4 to 6 weeks. But hoping for better results for the rest of 2012.

I would love to rejoin your twist, bun, braid challenge but that might be next year sometime before I'm ready for some twists.
Very pretty cut faithVA

I babied my ends but it wasn't working. I got them cut about 2 months ago. No my healthy ends are back. My hair behaves better. I will maintain them through moisturizing/sealing. Claudie's ends assurance makes them feel great.
I have a confession to make ladies - I have not been spending too much time on my hair, let alone my ends. But they seem to be doing quite fine. In fact, the less I do to them, the more they thrive - don't know why, but it's working.
My ends are so much better post-cut. I am going back to my twists and updos. Monitoring my ends and edges.
I did a 1/4" trim yesterday. I think for the health of my ends (and hair) I'm going to eliminate my midweek CW I believe that the less I manipulate my hair the better off ill be cause I'm not trying to trim again for a long time:)
My ends have improved a lot since I joined this challenge. I haven't had to trim or S&D in months. I've clipped a few SSKs here and there, but nothing like before. My retention for the year should be pretty good.

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My ends are looking pretty good, but the tips are starting to look a little thin. Back in June, when I first big chopped they were so thick, and healthy looking. As my hair grows the ends are thinner. I chop my bangs every month, so they are staying thick.

I am starting to wonder if my hair grows thin, and might catch up, or am I going to have to choose between long or thick?
My ends look and feel great I'm really gonna baby them from now on so I don't have to trim again til next year
I haven't been sealing my ends as diligently as before, so I have to step my game up. Tonight, I sealed my ends with HH Cooling Chamomile Whip; it smells delicious and has a lovely texture. :)
My first self-trim. It's probably a little uneven but I'll get it shaped and evened up when I hit BSL. Till then it's just little dustings.

I'm going to my stylist next time though. I can't handle the pressure!


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I am still in search of luscious ends :lol: I cut off most of the damage 30 days ago. And I probably will dust at the end of the year to get off the rest.

It's harder focusing on the ends at this length. So I will wait it out until my hair is long enough to twist on a regular basis. I have quite a few SSKs wearing my hair shrunken. But my ends still don't feel nearly as bad as they did when they were damaged. That leaves me hopeful, that as I grow my hair out I can have nice ends one day. :yep:

In the meantime, I am going to moisturize and seal daily. And try to cause as little breakage as I can.