Gratitude Challenge

Had a cloud of discontentment over my head this morning.. don't know where that came from but the devil surely is a LIAR! up to hi trickery again... lol

I'm grateful for this thread and the OP for starting it; grateful for the window fans to keep me cool so I don' have to use a/c; grateful I'm able to give to help others; thankfull for my next job I don't have yet; thankfull for challenges that come my way and the ability to discern them as opportunities in disguise, for spiritual development.... wow ..God is good!
I am grateful I found this thread even though the challenge is technically over. I am grateful that thru trials God has strengthened my faith to keep believing, to keep holding on to Him no matter what I face, and to believe Him for deliverance of my loved ones. I have almost everything I want physically but without a relationship with God, none of that stuff matters.
Thankful to know, no matter what the circumstances are GOD IS ALWAYS in control...
Thankful that I can live to please an audience of one...He loves me, Supports me, Replenishes and Restores me, He cares! And I love Him!

He is my advocate, praying for me day and night before the father...
Grateful for another chance to change and another day.
Grateful that I can hear God now and know when to do.I get checked this morning that folks aren't all out to get me and that there are some people who give tough love not to be mean but to build.
Grateful that my iron level was high enough for me to donate blood.
There is a need and I am glad that I am able to help!
Thank you Lord for the gift that is my older sister, who is growing stronger in You daily...she is blowing me away...