Gratitude Challenge


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Hey Ladies,

I would love to start a month-long gratitude challenge just to post about the things we are thankful to God for doing in our lives.

There's only one requirement:

1. Post at least one thing you are thankful for in this thread every day you sign in for the next month.

The challenge ends on July 5.

Let's go!!!!!
I am thankful for family ...both spiritual and physical, saved and unsaved.
I am thankful for my family's health as well as mine.
I am thankful that God has favor, mercy, and grace over my life NO MATTER WHAT!!!!!
I'm thankful to have somewhere to go each night
I'm thankful that even though the road has been rough God is not going to leave me like man may do.
I am thankful that no matter what goes on at my job, God protects me from the BS and I have a job to go to. He will also lead me to a new and better job.
I am thankful for last night's Women's Group and Bible Study. Just knowing that so many people are praying for me and care about me is wonderful.
Today, I had the privildge to really take some time and reflect on my life as is it today. I could only thank God for my job and the favor that comes my way. I told Him how happy I am to have this job and His Love for me I see it at work.

Two hours, later my supervisor tells me that department has been approved to hire someone permanently (I am currently a contractor) and he is working on getting me a laptop so I can work from home some days.