2022 2023 Oil Butter Lotion Creme Pomade Butter Serum Grease Challenge

So far my current combo is Aunt Jackie’s seal it up along with blue magic castor oil grease. Leaves my hair feeling not as moisturized as I would like but my hair isn’t wet during this cold season so I guess that’s a plus. Not my favorite combo. I can’t wait to move on from these two onto the next combo.
Currently using Camille Rose curlaide along with blue magic castor oil. I think its too cold for this combo and left me with a white cast. I'm actually missing the results i was getting from the aunt jackies seal it up so i ordered 4 more jars. I like that it didn't leave my hair feeling damp especially when its so cold. I might have to use the curlaide just to moisturize the ends
I used vitapointe and camille rose cocoa nibs growth serum. I am trying to use up my oils. the oil doesnt keep my ends stretched as much as grease does. Vitapointe also smells bad. IDK if its just old or what. Next time I am going to try moisturizing, oiling and the sealing with grease and see if that works.
DIY lotion

I made a new batch of unpetroleum jelly but it didn't turn out. It was too thick and felt more like shea. I've melted it down and added more oils. Hopefully I'll have something that I can use, otherwise, I'll just use it on my hands and feet.
I loaded up my hair last night:

DIY lotion
Goddess Hair Finishing Shine and Moisture Spray
Tallow + unpetrolum jelly on my ends
DIY body lotion -- with hyaluronic acid
Goddess Hair Finishing Shine and Moisture Spray

I'm going to have to rinse my hair because I couldn't sleep last night. This combo smells yucky.

I don't care what people say...all of those heavily perfumed products that we use hide the gross smells of raw ingredients. Unfortunately, when I made this lotion I didn't choose the greatest scents. I'm just not good at mixing and matching. The lotion on my body smells ok...not the greatest but the smell goes away. On my hair...damp hair... :nono:
Finished up a bottle of castor oil the other night. Not sure what I'm rotating in next.

Ended up rotating in some Kemi Oyl. That is now gone.

Currently working on a sample size of Josie Maran Argan oil. I like it a lot. Want to purchase the big size but I'm on a no buy and extreme budget. Anyway, I'll likely finish it by the end of the week and move on to some castor oil.