2022 2023 Growth Aides Challenge


PJ Rehabilitation Center
Hello Hair Growers! :wave:

Join us in the 2022-2023 Growth Aides Challenge. Whether Topical or Internal all is Welcome.

Monitor your Progress and Share with us what you're using or doing to Increase Growth over the next 2 Years!

Welcome and Please Join Us.
Topically Rotating: XCel21 Spritz, Curls Blueberry & Mint and Herbal Growth Hair Oil (and other Topicals)

Internally Rotating: NeoCell Keratin, Consult Beaute Biotin Gummies and Bamboo
Been Rotating:
Curls Blueberry & Mint Scalp Tea
Bel Nouvo GRO Nettle & Flaxseed Hair Creme
XCel21 Spritz
Herbal Hair Oil
Nature's Blessings
I'll join you.

I want to be consistent again in drinking bamboo leaf tea.

I also use a DIY growth formula weekly, mainly for my edges.
Been using ORS Fertilizing serum in the AM and Ever Ego Herb Ego drops in the PM for my thinning area.

Internally Viviscal twice a day along with collagen and msm supplements

My goal is to grow and retain at Ieast .5 inch growth per month.
I'll join! I'm using hair growth co oil and rice water leave in topically. I also take hairfinity and I'm drinking liquid protein as part of my fitness regimen. Beyond waist by December...
I noticed ORS Fertilizing serum is reacting to gel on my hair making a white residue. Will use more sparingly. Will give away other bottle in stash
Wow. That sucks. I'm down to my last bottle and it doesn't spray properly. It's a very low pressure squirt. I might just put it in another bottle and get my grow on
I had to do that with a bottle.

I looked on the bottle to see if I could find a phone # or email address but couldn't?

ETA: I see it listed at Wal-mart for $10.83 (Nvrmind - it is OOS)