Read this before you buy anything else!!!

This is amazing! Thank you so much for bringing all of this together. You've answered so many of my questions. :grin:
We have the most intelligent people in the world on this forum. This thread alone proves it. Thank you.
this is an excellent thread. Now I know what I'm missing with the SAA and ceramides. I've got to get that CHI silk infusion or better yet the SAA itself.
I'm thinking this needs to be be a sticky as well. Until then I will make it my personal mission to bump this thread at least once a month. :grin:
wow so informative, needs to be a sticky. this is great for newbies as well as long termers, brings alot back to mind! thanks alot.
Anyone know anything about sulfur amino acids like cysteine and methionine? Aubrey Organics GPB uses them and Lactalbumin (milk protein) in their GPB conditioner. I use this as a protein treatment. Do these proteins penetrate deep to repair the hair at it's three layers? Awesome thread, btw :).
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I just want to mention that the ACV rinse recipe in Sistaslick's article may not be good for everyone. I tried it in that measure and it affected my cuticles in a terrible way. i think it'd be better if you started with a very small amount in the water then build up if it didnt work the first time.
Needs to be a sticky. I've been here for over a year and this is the first i've seen of this. I could have saved myself alot of pain and suffering and money and hair!!!

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