Slave to Your Comb (Or anything else)....


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Hi Ladies,

I've read several threads where some women only comb their hair twice a week or maybe a bit more but I find myself being a "slave" to my comb :lachen:. I'm great when it comes to everything else but I'll freak out when I see more than 3 broken ends (bad experience with broken hair in the past) knowing I just need to put the comb down and the NG that's coming in, doing my best with it but are there any other ladies on there who feel like they must comb their hair more than 3 or 4 times a week, use their flat iron, anything! And if you have been able to decrease the usage of your tool to less, how did you?...I have short hair so it's really hard to put the comb down especially when you just want to get your hair to do what you ask of it in the morning! :wallbash: :sad:.
I was. :nono: I combed 3, 4 times everyday. In the bathroom at school, in the mornings, at home .. It was so smooth when I got it done I couldn't help it.

Even when I found LHCF, I combed frequently.

But now, if I choose to wear my hair straight, but know I'm not wearing it down, I brush it straight back at night with a boar bristle brush, and fingercomb in a ponytail in the morning.

I've recently adopted daily co-washing and bunning again, so it's easier. I just leave it in it's bun. I'm one of those people that keeps my hands in my hair so co-washing daily lets me do that.