Random Hair Thoughts


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I am itching to have my hair trimmed!!! :eek: i just haven't done so b/c I can't find the scissors :lol: i dont wanna use regular scissors and mess up my ends and I can't find the salon scissors. I think for the most part my ends are even, but i dont know... i just like how blunt ends look! what to do??

I cannot wait to have my hair colored next Friday. I just want a style so bad :look: and I want to hide my forehead, so I was thinking of bangs as well but I'm not too sure about that...

*sigh* i need to get to my goal already so that I can do whatever I want with this hair of mine :ohwell:
sorry to hear those thoughts racing through your mind, trust me I have those too...i jus wuna do SOMETHING sometimes....chill girl, chill (thats what i have to tell myself)
Girl I feel ya, I want bangs, streaks (color), APL, and BSL, but hay we have to do things with time, I think bangs would be cute, a thin bang so it's not so hard to blend your bangs in w/your length ust in case you don't feel like bangs one day. But I'm so glad you can't find those scissors right now, w/all those thoughts running through your mind who knows what you might end up cutting. Just sit back and relax, everything will be fine. :)
Just made a hair appointment to get my hair straightened. I think I have to cancel be a useful I'm supposed to do a 5k, but it's going on 6 months without a trim...

My hair doesn't feel longer though and I SHOULD have at least another 2 inches... Maybe I'll hold off oNot the trim...