Marriage testimonies: *Through the storm*


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I've read & participated in the thread on marriage testimonies,and they were beautiful testimonies on how people got married & made it to the alter. But, this thread is for those to share their testimonies of how couples have made it through the storms of marriage.

Please share how God kept you during the most difficult times of your marriage and how you made it through to the other side.

You don't have to be specific or you can be as specific as you like. Bless someone with your testimony, share how God restored, reconciled, renewed or delievered your marriage from the brinks.

Thanks in advance, to God be the Glory! The Word says: "we overcome our enemy be the blood of the Lamb and by the words of our testimony. "
This has the potential to be an AMAZING thread!!

yeah, if anyone would post! bumpity, bump!

Come on ya'll - don't leave this potentially amazing thread hanging! If this thread were about Kim K's latest lip gloss, folks would be all up on it.