It's Not Long Hair. It's Wanting Longer Hair.


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Anyone here have always pretty much had, what is considered, long hair majority of their life, but, wanting LONGER hair???

I've had relatively long hair as long as I can remember. WL is actually where my hair gets too effortlessly (manipulation, damage, breakage and all). But, getting PAST that is what I can't seem to do.... I'm at MBL right now and I'm so sure that I'll achieve WL pretty soon, however that isn't my worry. It's when I actually get to WL, will I make it to HL or my ultimate goal of TBL? I've made it to HL once, but, honestly it was on accident and I ended up having to cut it anyway. It wasn't healthy. Lol.

So ladies that can relate, is there any of you that have had that length that your hair will always make it too but you couldn't seem to get past it? SL? BSL? MBL? WL??? Did you finally pass it? And when you did, HOW did you do it? How long did it take? What was different? How often did you trim? How did it feel afterwards???

Tell me everything lol!
yes... i can never get my hair to a full, healthy waist length because by that time it looks like crap with very tragic ends due to how much heat I use. I did have a decent wl or even a bit beyond a few years ago but since I started relaxing again my ends look like trash so I have to keep cutting.
I suppose if I left my hair alone I could make it happen but I'm a heat addict so I guess I'll have to live with it lol.

I am seeing definite improvements with using lower heat on the lower portions of my hair and also protective styling when I'm at home. Also I take MSM and that seems to be speeding my growth.
I had a similar situation. Before I went natural, my hair would grow to bsl (particularly when I was taking care of it. Salon's consistently kept it apl or shorter). Then I went natural and I started taking of my hair 100% and got to hl/tbl no problem. Then I switched products line and caused damage and I got a deva cut. So I will say that sticking to what works (DC, prepoo) , not listening to every youtube guru, not going to the salon and regular trims really made a difference. I trim every 3 - 6 months. My hair grows the average 1/2 in a month and I'm short so my hair from wsl to hl would take about 6 - 8 months.
My hair grows when I ignore it and do the bare minimum. When I start paying attention too much (maybe overmanipulation?) My hair goals are blah.

My hair hangs around APL. The longest I've gotten a few times is past BSL. I don't really have a hair length goal especially since I saw it CAN grow I just want thick stylable hair with some hang time - very hard on my type 4 shrinkage loving hair
I could always get to MBL easily. Once I spurred relaxing and stopped cutting, I got to WL without much trouble. Getting past WL took years. My hair would grow and I kept having setback after setback and had to trim back to WL each time.

To get over the hump, I had to stop wearing curly styles that gave me SSKs - now I always stretch my ends with rollers if I'm wearing twists or braids. Also I had to be more careful about who I let straighten my hair because they usually use too much heat and that caused me to have to trim a few times as well.

I trim probably every 3-6 months.

Getting past WL was cool, but really I just moved on to the next milestone. I think I'm in maintenance mode now though.