2023 Christian Random Thoughts - Jesus Loves You…Still and Forever

RIP Dr. Charles Stanley.

I just heard someone on TV say "she wants a god who will say yes to everything she wants." That is a worthless god.

Our Father God, who like a good parent, tells His children no from time to time to protect us from the things that will bring harm and danger into our lives. Bless The Lord.
How do you seek the kingdom of God and His righteousness?
You live your
life with Him
as the center
of your universe
and King of
your world so
you are living
your life in
a way that
is fitting in
a realm where
He is King
and this bringing
glory to His name.

It means heeding
the words of Proverbs
3:5-6 especially 6.
Putting on His
so you
can withstand the
enemy as you
rep His kingdom
Letting the Spirit
take the wheel
and guide you so
you may bear
fruit becoming of
His ambassadors
which will become
your norm if
you stay prayerful
so you stay
connected to the
source of truth.
It means living
by faith not sight;
trusting His word
above all else
that your simple
senses/mind and
other fallen brethren
may present to you.
Finding things to
be thankful for
so your mind
stays worshipping
and praising and
giving thanks to
He who is
above all else.

Think of how
we respect leaders
of any realm
we find ourselves
in. We obey their
laws. We trust
(hope) in them.
We look to them
to keep us safe.

In a kingdom, the
king's laws are
the constitution
by which the
residents live.

So live your
life as if
He is the
King who rules
your life and
His Word the
law that you
aim to obey.
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How do you seek the kingdom of God and His righteousness?
Hello @newgrowth15 , do you mean the general 'you'?

You accept that He is God and you are not. You read His inerrant Word to know His will and His ways. You accept that if you think one thing and He thinks another, you are wrong. You submit to His will - you accept and respect that His ways and thoughts are higher than yours, no matter how many PhDs he may have empowered you to get, no matter what your friends or the news say. You put aside your opinions and definitions and take on His. His definition of when life starts, His definition of the value of life, His definition of sin, His definition of righteousness, of good, of evil, of justice, His idea of what you should do with you life.

Seeking God's Kingdom and righteousness is looking to Christ (the fullness of the Godhead) and putting Him first in everything and humbly asking Him to teach you how to love and honour Him in all things, from how you live daily to how you create laws (say, if you were in government). It's walking with Christ and letting Him lead you and live through you.

My take on it.