Why NO ONE should use DISHSOAP!


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I was thinking of whether I should post my recent horror because quite frankly my recent experiences embarrasses me. Yet, perhaps someone can learn from my recent problems.

I had recently washed my hair with dishsoap and baking soda powder!! It was the most horrible experience because it took forever for me to get the dishsoap out. The dishsoap was locked in my curls! I had used too much and for my hair I must wash in sections. I have too much hair to wash with my hair fully out. Well, I was not properly getting the soap out of each section because I was trying to rinse with the braided sections. I was rinsing for two days.

Why did I wash with dishsoap? Well I was sealing my ends with vaseline but before this I used my Indian castor oil. Well the Indian castor oil got locked in my hair at the ends with the vaseline. The vaseline had sealed the oil in at my ends. In addition, the vaseline was rubbing off on other parts of my hair. I always wear my hair up in big braids braided into a bun.

Long story short. Vaseline worked well to seal my ends but at the same time caused me damage. I had build up and my comb stopped gliding through my hair nicely, which caused me to pull roughly..result damage. Second, I have skin problems and the vaseline caused me to itch, in fact I should only wash and condition my hair. Oils, vaseline etc make my head feel like fire or itch like crazy. I should just wash and condition and call it a day because in the last years I developed high sensitivity to most things. Anyways, I had to go the drastic method of dishsoap and baking soda because the vaseline was not washing out after using it for six months, even with clarifying shampoo. Thus, I turned to baking soda powder first. The baking soda removed the build up immediately. I suggest everyone to use baking soda for build up for cleaning their hair because it works.

Well why use the dishsoap if the baking soda worked? Well call me crazy,I wanted to go for the extra clean effect and used Dawn dishsoap mixed with some baking soda powder for a second wash. BIG MISTAKE!! My hair was so squeaky clean but the dryness caused some major breakage. So ladies, do not use dishsoap. Second, I know vaseline works wonders for some but it does not work for me.

Next problem, I have been trying to shampoo less and condition wash more or just wet my hair. My hair must be wet everyday to look nice. Well, my mum said that she noticed my hair not growing as much.

Well, I was trying to do less manipulation and just dilluted my conditioner poured on my hair and then rinsed under shower. I was doing this so I would not have to comb my hair.

Well, my hair does not mind manipulation. It does mind being combed. It does not mind shampoo either. In fact, my mum who should know my hair the best said my hair grew a lot from frequent washing.

The problem is I hate to comb. I try to be gentle with my hair. Well combing long hair gently section for section takes up too much time. I am tired out.

I have tried braids, but crap by the end of the week my hair looks tore up from washing them. In addition, taking down 22 braids on long hair takes forever. Mind you, I do not use extensions either! By the time I take my hair out and get ready to wash I am like WTF! Then mind you I still have to sit with conditioner etc.

So I have decided to do one single braid and wash more often. What else can I do? I am so frustrated and just want to cry. I am close to cutting my hair off and going for a shoulder length hair. Life is so simple with shoulder length hair and shorter, atleast for me.

Overall, I guess my story is if something works for you stick with it. I tried vaseline because a lot of long hair naturals used it to seal their ends but that sh-t don't work for spicey. I tried less manipulation but hair wants the shampoo and to be combed out nicely. I don't have time like that but then I am going to make it in the new year. Even if I have to go back to the Princess Laya look with two goofy buns on the side.

I am going to figure out something for my hair and me to love each other again. Right now I am in the biggest battle with my hair because I do not have time. Our relationship is totally head for divorce court. I got to do something quick to save my hair marriage. My hair and me are currently in PRIVATE hair counseling to figure out what can work for us both.

I hope my embarrasment helped someone. I really hate putting my business out there but many of you have put your business out there and helped me.

Ps. The horrible part is I passed my bad hair experience off to my mum My mum saw how squeaky clean my hair got. My hair looked black and shiny despite the dryness. Now don't laugh at my mummy but my mummy used a little dishsoap just two days ago!! Now guess what mummy said, "I liked the effect. My hair looks wonderful from a little dishsoap"!! Now I have to retrain her!! WTH..all this on top of my messed up hair marriage! Excuse me, I need a drink!
This sounds a hot mess. Good Lord!

Well, I'm glad that you resolved this issue. I would have been FREAKING OUT! :eek:
what hair type or about what type are you?? and how long?

i get frustrated with my hair sometimes too, but it happened the most when i really didnt know how to take care of my natural hair (type ext)

I do not use the hairtyping system. I do not care to use it for I find people can use it wrong or it seperates people of color. In addition, I am so sensitive I cannot use half of what people use.

My hair is tight curls and loose curls and it is wavy. My hair is to my nipple. Excuse the usage of this body part. My breast do not sag and stand at attention, so the measurement is accurate. I do not use my bra for my bra sits very low and from what I see some people bra is high and my hair is past that and I am short!! So no bra measuring for me.
Why would you attempt to wash your hair with dishsoap? :eek: I guess if you had lard or grease build up that would make good sense. :(
I couldn't read the whole post after reading the title.:lol:
I know men who use dishsoap for hair washing and they have the nicest hair!

Well, we live and learn Spicekitten!

I know some people like dishsoap! I had a neighbor who was Native American and swore by dishsoap. She said it left her hair shiny and clean.

My hair is so clean and it did give me back some shine. I was impressed but the dryness was crazy. It stripped a lot of moisture. I will not use it again.

Oh and Firecracker, I am a bit crazy. I was going for the extra clean effect.
I've used dish soap on my hair before. I used to experiment with rinses in different colors and if I didn't like the result I'd wash my hair with dish soap to get it out.
It worked great because I'm a natural blonde and it'll just take my hair back to it's natural color.
Sorry this happened to you. I'm glad that I didn't have anything bad happened when I was doing this before. Now that I think about it, I was really running a big risk. I guess we should just stick to shampoo.
It sounds like you're allergic to petroleum, I get the same reaction when I use it...so back away from the Vaseline.
I think it was the combo of dish soap and baking soda. Emphasis is on the baking soda being so harsh. I'd bet that a mild dishsoap alone wouldn't be as bad.
spiceykitten said:

I know some people like dishsoap! I had a neighbor who was Native American and swore by dishsoap. She said it left her hair shiny and clean.

My hair is so clean and it did give me back some shine. I was impressed but the dryness was crazy. It stripped a lot of moisture. I will not use it again.

Oh and Firecracker, I am a bit crazy. I was going for the extra clean effect.
:lachen: :lachen: I just figured you had alot of grease build up or something. :) Different strokes for different folk. I would probably use dishsoap or plain bar soap if I had no other options though.:lol: