User Experience And Javascript


Crazy Greek
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Some of you have been experiencing issues with the site, primarily user experience. An example would be to click on the "Like" button and be redirected to a confirmation page instead of the "Like" action being applied right there on the spot.

The reason for this is javascript in your browser. Javascript is a language embedded on the site to help with the user experience mostly and perform some behind the scenes tasks. The language is dependent on the user's browser and it can be disabled at will.

To illustrate why a user will receive the confirmation window instead of just staying on the same page when clicking "Like" I used Google Chrome and had Javascript disabled. I clicked Like and the confirmation page appeared. Enabling Javascript, reloading the page and clicking Like again allowed me to like a post without leaving the page I was in. See the screencast below.

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In most cases Javascript is not disabled in browsers. However sometimes it will be either by the user themselves, an extension or network settings on the router/firewall level of the user's network/internet connection.

If you are using an extension like AdBlocker, you might experience this. Even when disabling AdBlocker or similar extensions the problem might not go away because of cached content in your computer. I am not 100% certain of this but there are options in various ad blocking extensions to whitelist a particular site. If your ad block extension allows so, you can add an exception for this site and check it that way.

Ads on our site are a source of income to cover our costs so we would "prefer" you not to use one. However, if you wish to use one for this site or others, you can check this one (available for many browsers), which is a lot nicer to javascript:

Thank you all for your patience and continuing support!