Upcoming upgrade update


Crazy Greek
Staff member
The whole import lasted short of 48 hours (I know... :().

- All the forums/posts/private messages have been successfully imported
- All the user albums have been imported in a new area called the media gallery which allows better handling of your media (pictures etc.)
- The "Thank You" have not been imported - looking into this now. There is a solution but I need to test it first
- All the user profile comments have been imported.

- Finalize the layout of the forum with the banner and all the necessary information blocks
- Look into the "Thank You" transfer it to "Likes" (this is what the new forum uses)
- Ensure that correct permissions are set for everyone
- Hook up the Paypal integration for our paid members
- Install the new search engine for better faster searches
- Check the @ tag (mentions). There is a solution for this, I just haven't tested it yet
- Import all the smilies

If you want to have a quick look of how the forum will look like, feel free to visit http://dev.longhaircareforum.com. You will be able to log in but not do anything else - it is locked at the moment and of course there is still work to be done. However it will give you an idea (when not logged in) on how the forum will look like, how posts will look like etc., and when you do log in how your private messages and your profile will look.
One last thing

I am in the process of obtaining a secure certificate for our server. This will mean that all the information you will post will be transferred encrypted to the server and the forum url will use https instead of http.

Just another step to ensuring that your data is secure.