Trying The Harklinikken Scandinavian Hair Treatment


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I suffer from hormonal hair loss because I'm post menopausal. This means I have thinning in the crown as well as thin/nearly bald spots at both temples. One more so than the other. I'm so glad my hair was/is very thick as that helps me with covering the spots with certain styles. I can no longer wear my hair in my signature bun because of this.

So I was doing research on hair loss remedies and came across a NYT story on a new hair treatment that has made its way to the US. The link is below.

I had to take an online assessment then they allowed me to schedule a Facetime consult with someone from the office. In the US, they have a location in NYC and in Florida. The person I chatted with was in Florida. We talked about the history of my hair loss, what products I had been using, i.e. Minoxidil, and she took pictures of my thin/bald patches. Based on the type of hair loss, she said I did, in fact, qualify and we arranged for me to receive a bottle of their balancing shampoo and their proprietary serum for hair growth.

The serum comes in a large bottle with a syringe for application. I think it was about $80 and it should last me a few months since I don't have to use it all over. It's definitely cheaper than this growth serum I purchase from a hair specialist who has his created at a compounding pharmacy.

I've been using it for a month along with a 12.5% minoxidil spray that I bought on ebay (she said I could continue using that in conjunction with their product) and microneedling (I didn't share that I was doing this too) intermittently. It's still early, but I think it might be working on my temples. I can't really tell what's happening with my crown just yet.

I have my first monthly consult since using the product with her today and we will compare results. I will update this thread as I progress.

I would love to be able to pull my hair straight back and wear an occasional high bun or low bun again. It's been like 2 years since I've felt confident enough to do that.
Good luck! May your hair grow full again. Also, make sure you eat foods rich in magnesium, vitamin d and iron. Specifically magnesium. Beans are rich in it. Magnesium helps prevent scalp calcification, which is a leading cause of hair loss with age. You should read this:

I truly believe the info in there is sound. Hormones can contribute to chronic inflammation, which can contribute to calcium buildup. If your hormones have been out of whack for a long time (most people start having less than optimal hormones in their 40s+), and you ate a rather magnesium-deficient diet over the course of your life (lack of beans. legumes, greens, etc.), it could be calcium buildup from over the years causing the hair loss. Not saying that its defintiely the cause, but the more sides of the issue you can consider, the better. (I am not a scientist tho, lol. This is just speculation from the research I've done.) If you think this sounds plausible, I would look into powerful ways to reverse/decrease calcification to help with your hair regrowth on the side of everything you're doing.