Recent Forum Upgrade


Crazy Greek
Staff member

Thank you so much for being so patient while we were performing necessary maintenance on our server infrastructure, as well as updating the forum software. Due to the size of our forum, the upgrade process lasted more than 48 hours and sadly there was nothing we could do to speed this process.

The forum software has been upgraded to the latest version, with more features, better skin and faster experience. The mobile theme is also easier to navigate than before.

There are some things missing. We know that so please be a bit patient until we add them back in. For instance the username change is not there as well as the spy. Those two addons have not been upgraded for the version of our software. We are in talks with the developers to secure new versions of addons that are not yet available but were available before.

Long weekend... more to come.

Thank you once again for your patience and understanding

LHCF Staff
I hope there is a way
to opt out of
getting Blog alerts altogether.
Or an option to subscribe
so you only get the notifications
if you want them. :sekret:
Since the upgrade, whenever I click on any links within the threads I get taken to another page to upgrade system login. I am not an admin, but I have the yearly subscription. Can you please fix this.
Years ago we used to be able to organize our watched threads into customizable folders we could name. I could have a folder with all my hair related threads, exercise threads, skincare, etc.
Now all our watched threads are just listed in order of most recent activity. My only options are to stop watching a thread or disable notifications. It’s hard trying to find a specific thread when I have so many pages of watched threads.

Is it possible to have the option to organize them again?
Wow! After coming to this site for 12 years off and on, I can definitely see myself coming back more often! This upgrade is NICE!

It works so well on my phone! I'm on it ret NAH!