Praise Report - God is Faithful!!!


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As I post this thread, I am in awe and humbled by God's love and faithfulness
toward me and my boys.

God once again has shown favor! God has blessed me with a new permanent job as a Business Analyst. This job is in the Gwinnett County area of Atlanta (which is where I live, no more long commutes), health insurance benefits that will be fully paid for by the company and start on day one and more 3weeks vacation and 5 personal days. Although, some of the responsibilities I will be undertaking I have never done before in my previous positions, this company still believed that I was the best candidate for the job. Look at God!!! God is not slack concerning His promises!!! God is Faithful even when we are not always faithful to Him!

A little over two years ago, I left a permanent job to start a business. I have been without permanent employment and health insurance since then. I did not realize at that time that although it's part of God's plan for my life for me to work for myself, that it was not the right season (the time will come for me to solely work for myself). As a result of the premature walk out of Corporate America, I was faced with a lot of financial hardships. Just to name a few, repossession of a brand new car, facing foreclosure twice, negative effects on credit and so on.

But through it all, God has provided income through temp assignments, my two sons have never missed a meal, had shoes on their feet, clothes on their backs, haircuts, school supplies, Christmas gifts, and birthday gifts, etc. As for me, I've never missed a meal (in fact I've gained 20 lbs. since then,LOL!), I still own my home, lights and gas were never turned off, etc.

Oh yes, there were many days/nights of tears, uncertainty, screaming, kicking, not understanding. However, this time also birthed steadfastness, faith, humility,love, respect, brokenness, increase in prayer life, closer walk with God, more clarity in hearing from God, patience, kindness and much more.

During this time God also sent me my mate. Once we get through premarital and Radical love classes through our church we will get engaged and will hopefully be married sometime in 2007.

My desire is that I will walk in all that God has called for me to be and do. My
desire is also that I am able to bless others (especially single parents) and
reciprocate the love and acts of kindness that have been shown to me and my boys. Please continue to keep us lifted in prayer!!!

God is Awesome!!!! I've been crying tears of joy, singing praises unto the Lord since I got the job offer this afternoon!!!

When I think of the goodness of Jesus and all He's done for me, my soul cries out Hallelujah, thank God for saving me!!