Nzuri Hair Elixir

Ive purchased from the vendor directly, HOB, and now Amazon.

If this one that arrives is off, I will only purchase from the vendor directly going forward.

I have been consistent in my use of this because I love the energy perk. It gives me a pep. Might be that I take it on an empty stomach first thing in the morning before I leave for work.

My nails are flourishing . My hair seems a tad bit thicker but it hasnt been 90 days yet. Im almost finished with my second bottle. When I finish my third bottle, I hope to see something along the hair ways.

I do however take bamboo silica and vitamin D daily as well
Cracked open my third bottle today. After this bottle Im going to order directly from the vendor.

I was in a rush but the taste was a little weird this morning. I'll see tomorrow in the morning if I can pinpoint it.
My Subscription is still in "limbo" for this product. I was to receive it 06/13 but was just informed it's still "delayed":cry2:

When I finish up this bottle, I guess I'll hafta' pull out something else: NeoCell Keratin, Bamboo or Phyto Vits to support the 10,000 mcg of Biotin I'm taking.

Good I have something on hand in my Stash.:yep: