Nzuri Hair Elixir

Everytime I come on this side of the board I end up spending money. I haven’t been eating enough for the last few months and I also suffer from fatigue almost everyday.

I started taking this on Monday and for the first time in a long time...I didn’t wake up tired today. I hope it helps my hair, but the energy I get from this makes it a keeper in my book!
Ive been taking it around 3 weeks. I was wearing gel on my nails around 8 months or so and now my natural nails are weak. Im hoping this helps out with strengthening my nails. So far the nails are growing in but breaking because they are still kind soft. I keep clipping them back down so they will grow out even.

I'm around half way finished my first bottle. I will repurchase another one next week so there isnt a lag when I finish this bottle.

I haven't notice anything hair related but I will keep an eye out.
I start on mine tomorrow.

I have x3 bottles and scheduled for my next shipment in March, I think?

I committed to take it for most of 2020.

@guyaneseyankee @Bette Davis Eyes Imma take it like ya'll said...Skrait back to da' head.:lachen:

I take it straight to the head but with an OJ chaser. It really isn’t that bad! Four days in a row is a record for me so it’s keeper status now.
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I had to come in early for work for OT today and I realized something.

I have been sleeping but super aware of whats on my tv. I know it sounds weird but I use the tv to put me to sleep. Ive be doing it for years. I listen to the TV, turn my back and boom,.... Im out.

I have been thinking the tv is too loud and thats why Im hearing it. I think its the vitamins and because I take it when I get home and eat dinner.

Im sleeping but its not a deep sleep. Its a Im awake and actually dozing.
Day #3 of Nzuri:look:

Umm....It definitely has an interesting taste.:eek:

Kinda reminds me of Noni Juice or something - when that was out back in the day?

Cause I know that taste.:lol:

Been takin' it straight back to da' head to minimize that distinct flavor:alcoholic:
Didn’t take my vitamins for two days during my normal time and slept deeply.

I just took it an hour ago. I will see if I slept the same tonight.
I will have to put the vitamin in a cup take to work with me is what I’m thinking.
Hi Lady:wave:

Thankfully my hair is still coming along great!
I received my third bottle the other day and I am planning on sticking with it.:yep:

My DD flatironed my hair and it was bra-strap length. She gave me a much needed trim.
The alopecia circle is looking much better not as "clean" as before.

I am getting ready to start applying this serum by found at
I missed one day this week so I messed up my perfect streak. Will be at 30 days of use on Tuesday and already activated auto ship with Amazon. Between this and home made black rice water leave-in, I’m pretty sure my hair has grown over 1.5 inches in the last 4 weeks.
My new bottle wont arrive until Wednesday and I only think its enough to last two more days.

Didnt take any yesterday or today. I'll start back tomorrow and hopefully USPS will deliver my box on time.
Took my Nzuri on an empty stomach, followed by my bamboo and vitamin D which I took with gatorade.

Now Im at work drinking unsweetened coffee with almond milk. I'll eat my bagel around 8 am. The first time I took Nzuri on an empty stomach I was nauseous but after I started drinking orange juice or a little gatorade after with the pills , it went away.