Natural Replacement for Organix Shampoo


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Ok, so I've been using the Coconut Milk shampoo since I went natural but I'm wondering if there is a more natural alternative. Organix isn't 100% and it has protein in it. It's the only product - along with the conditioner - with protein that my hair likes. Any suggestions?
Try Jason's aloe shampoo. Not quite a coconut shampoo but it's more natural, within the same price range and available in drug stores
That's what I used to use as well. I began diluting it with water, ayurveda powders and oils. Now I just use the ayurveda powders, hot water, and a squirt of conditioner to cleanse my hair. Some ladies swear by clay.

Sorry, I don't know of any OTC poos that you can substitute. I have been using Dr. Bronners Lavender Castille soap for hubby's and little man's hair instead of the Organix. Some ladies say that it's drying though.