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My daughter is biracial ( half white/half black). I know how to keep her hair healthy from all my knowledge learned on here. But as far as styling, my hair is like a 4c and hers is maybe like a 2/c or a 3a ... I don’t even know. Washing and conditioning is no problem but I haven’t found any leave ins that I love on her hair. All the ones I have tried ( so far shescentit and curl potions and a few randoms) are ok but they don’t wow me. Her hair always ends up a little bit frizzy. It’s well moisturized though. I also need help with some styling products to keep her curls in place. I know it’s all trial and error but can I get some recommendations? If I use oil heavy products such as qhemit biologics burdock root cream, it just leaves her hair kinda flat and greasy. Even if I only use a little bit. I’m open for all suggestions I just like to stay away from lots protein as it makes her hair hard and I like to keep the Ingredients pretty natural. Help please
My daughter has very very loose curls that catches lint like nobody’s business and a scalp that’s ready to fight every 3 days compared to mine. I’m tightly curled, high porosity, so I can relate.
My suggestion- start paying more attention to the ingredient lists of the products that work well with her hair and you’ll see the trend

For Hold: Aloe Vera Gel, it holds very well and doesn’t have a plethora of ingredients that’s irritating.

Moisturizer/Leave-in/Detangling: hands down, I purchased this leave-in because of the price, value and ingredient list. It melts into her hair and works so well, I picked up another bottle.
(Bella Curls I found at Family Dollar)
(Giovanni Direct was day one)


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A quality leavin like KCKT or Mielle Honey Pomegranate (2 of my faves) and heavy dose of Eco Styler will lay her curls down and keep them manageable for a week.