I Had A Prp- Platelet Rich Plasma- Done Yesterday


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Hi Ladies,
I had the PRP done yesterday to my hairline. I had to procedure done in Queens, NY, by a Nurse Practitioner. She applied a numbing lotion to my scalp, and let it sit for about an hour. She then drew blood, placed it in her centrifuge machine, which separated the blood from the plasma. From what she showed me, the plasma was yellow. She took a syringe, and withdrew the plasma from the vial. She had two syringed and stated I had a lot of plasma (which was a good thing from the amount of blood she drew??).

She then took her micro needle pen, micro needled my hair line, and then applied hair vitamins and the plasma directly to my scalp. I had some left over, so she then proceeded to inject the rest of it into my hair line and frontal scalp area. That was really painful, but I bore through the pain as I want edges lol.

Again, I only had it done to my hairline for now, and depending on the results, I will have it done to the rest of my scalp to invigorate/wake up dormant follicles to see if I can get the hair density I use to have.

I'll post monthly pictures to show my progress, but if anyone has any questions, feel free to ask.left side.jpg right side prp.jpg
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@ilong and anyone else who had this done.
Do you think the folligen to got you better results? I already have emu oil, and have just ordered the folligen now. I order the cream but I see they have a spray version. I can always dilute the cream in a liquid to make a spray if needed.

For the ones who asked where to purchase Folligen, I wouldn't trust Amazon. Go directly to the creator's website- https://store.reverseskinaging.com or folligen.com, or skinbiology.com. That's where I've purchased my folligen in the past.

I would love if everyone shared what you think brought about the best results following this procedure.

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@efjel - congratulations on your procedure!! :toocool: Be diligent in your care ( no stress on the hair or hairline) and administering growth aids. Regarding the folligen, it would be very difficult for me to say yes and even more difficult for me to say no. Speculatively speaking, I would say yes it certainly did help. I believe it worked synergistically with the emu, the PRP procedure and my vitamin regimen.
Please keep us posted!!
So excited to be back on this forum! Oh, how I've missed you! I have been researching for a qualified medical professional to administer PRP treatments, but sadly, I haven't found anyone! If anyone has any ideas for providers and PRP service, please let me know. I am located in Eastern NC. Thanks.
I'm thinking about doing this for my edges now. But first I bought some Nutrafol and will buy the density serum from The Ordinary.
I just scheduled my consultation to have PRP done. It won't be until October but I am excited nonetheless.
I will be seeing Dr. Prasad here's the link to his office.

Has anyone tried Keralase? I saw signage for it while getting a peel earlier this week. It's supposedly less painful than PRP and very effective. I don't know anyone with firsthand experience with it though. That's just what I was told at the spa. I think the cost is slightly less than PRP and it may not be required as often after the first few treatments.
Leas painful, less expensive and very effective? Hmmmm…
I paused on my desire for fuller edges. I looked at more child pictures and it’s just my genetics so I decided to save my money for now.