Help Dont Know What To Try


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I dont usually come to the hair boards so doing a search for my topic was overwhelming.

So i take meds for hear failure and my hair has changed so much. It's awful. Thinning and falling out. Stays super dry no matter what I use.

It also forms tangled balls daily and I never had that before.

In desperation I cut it way down but now I have the same issue with short hair that wont grow. It looks awful.

Help! I'd love to go off the meds but that's not possible.

I'm trying to not go back to wigs as I like my hair but not in it's current condition.
Any advice??

sorry in advance for typos
you might have double up on your water intake.

I had this issue and started using Hawaiian silky Gel activator. It's a God send. no more tangles and combing out big lumps of hair.
I'll try that but I'm fluid restricted because of my heart. I'm just losing so much hair!!
Ok so I got the garnier fructise..not sure how its spelled and it has done well for the dryness.
The other thing I did was aloe vera and water and some old fashioned Blue Maguc grease.
I know lots of people say leave that alone however it's been working for me so far. My hair isn't coming out just to touch anymore and it's not crunchy dry.
I got a good deep conditioner and a detangling brush.
I'm tempted to cut it again but I'm hoping a big trim will give it a good new start without having to cut so much.
I got the Hawaiian silky and curl activator just waiting for them to come.
Thanks ladies. I was freaking out. My hair is a mess but I'm hoping I can get it back.on track.
I might need a good vitamin too.