Great Lengths Challenge 2008.....Open to All Lengths

go to her 2004-2006 album and then 6 month relaxer stretch

wish i could join, but the heat thing:nono:, i'm 8months transitioning, it will be really haaaard to go without heat, but it may help my ends? can someone advice me?

go to her 2004-2006 album and then 6 month relaxer stretch
ok I saw it..... it's rather simple.

count me in. I planned to wait 8 weeks until I get a touch up. I'm 6 weeks post now so I guess 3 more weeks is no big deal. I can also rollerset and airdry instead of using heat. I like my hair straight so I will wrap my hair for the effect.
wish i could join, but the heat thing:nono:, i'm 8months transitioning, it will be really haaaard to go without heat, but it may help my ends? can someone advice me?

Ask southerntease what she did during her transition. Otherwise, braidouts, twistouts, braids, twists, bun, etc.
I'm in! I do many of these things already. I would love to reach BSL! And I'm a newbie!


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This is my starting pic - just relaxed 8/2/08 after a 9 week stretch!


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I would like to join!!! Im 10 days late but i do all the the things listed...almost.. I dont take supplements and stretching for 9 weeks with this MT that might be tough. but its worth a shot. I will post a starting pic as soon as i figure out how. I just want to attach a thumbnail, can anyone help.

My kelp ran out, so I just started on garlic oil capsules and Kal Super Silica Plus

I've been horribly slacking with my water and exercise :nono:
This is my starting pic

Please excuse the ginormous pimple on my back...:nono:


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Ohhh, sign me up. I too am a little late (13 days). But I have been doing everything pretty much on the list. I have attached a photo and I would be happy with about 3 inches of growth by December.


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Hey Ladies,

Here is my starting pic. I hope to be somewhere close to SL by the end of the yr.:drunk:


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Hi Guys, UK Newbie here - sorry for the delay, I registered days ago but couldn't figure out how to post/reply!!!

OK - Up for the challenge, if that's ok?

In my starting pic I have used a flatiron JUST to show the length of my hair on a small back half-section as my hair has been tied in a ponytail for a few weeks now. I straightened one inch down from the roots so I didn't burn my scalp! (I don't generally use any heat on my hair). Last relaxer was a root touch-up about 6-7 weeks ago but there is about 1" NG since then.

When I post my finishing pic I will straighten that same small back half-section so an exact comparison can be made.

Also, am moving from London to Spain permanently in two days' time and I'm pretty sure there ain't no black hair shops there :nono: so I will probably be at a disadvantage with regards to proper hair care products, however I've stocked up on vitamins, Aphogee 2 Minute Keratin & 6 Week and other bits and bobs.


Short Term - Full Shoulder Length (currently chin length at front/sides, shoulder length at back).
Mid Term - APL
Long Term - BSL

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Hey Ladies! First month is down!

How's it goin?

I'm sticking to the challenge faithfully! I'm lovin the exercise, I usually exercise 3-4 days a week, I amped it up to 5 and my hair loves it. I also started using Nexxus Humectress as a leave-in and my hair is in love. I slept way too long on this product!

What part of this challenge are you loving?
What part do you need to step up on?
Anyone still going strong with this challenge?

I am still going strong with this challenge! :strong:
I had already been doing all of the required steps, but I have increased my water intake and exercise because I'm on a mission to lose 40 lbs. by June 2009. Hopefully It'll all pay off and I can :happydance:
I'm still in it to win it!!!

No heat, weekly pre-poos/shampoos, weekly DC, 2/day moisture/oil, taking vitamins, iron, and garlic pills, "dranking" water, combing hair once a week only when detangling in shower, and excercising at least 4 days a week (I'm in the Army):grin:!

I am loving this challenge. I started MegaTek last Tuesday (awaiting results). My favorite part is not combing my hair as much- the less manipulation the better!!!!
I'm still in. It's not that difficult. I changed my regimen slightly. I wash 1x every two weeks and DC but I wet my hair with my spritz everyday so it's always damp and moisturised, keep it in some sort of updo, comb 1x a week or every two weeks when I wash, exercise 3-4 times a week (walking, dancing or yoga just for general health and destressing), drink at least 1.5 litres of water a day. I'm also on a 5-6 month stretch. I might retouch in January or February. I'll be retouching 2x a year from now on.
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