For PrincessM: Aphogee Treatment Instructions


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I do not recall who posted this, but it was either on 8/23/03 or 8/24/03.

I think the instructions are excellent.

Anyway, I hope this helps.

I use aphogee treatment on my hair two weeks after i relax it. this is what i'll do: wash hair with aphogee shampoo, then apply the treatment i sit under the dryer until my hair gets hard (and it does get HARD), after that I will wet it to soften up and then apply the balancing moisturizer(by aphogee) you must use this balancing moisturizer because this is how your hair is going to get back soft and then you rinse it out. after that i will apply the aphogee reconstructer for 2 min. then rinse it out. then i will apply the leave-on conditioner by aphogee. i use all the aphogee products when i apply this treatment because if you read the back it will tell you product to use after each step. i bought all products because i didn't want to be lacking on any thing and also walking around with my hair looking crazy!!! I'm getting good results my hair does not break at all every since i've been using these products. it's really good for damaged hair, and hair that's thinning. i used the reconstructor after i take my braids out and will leave it in for 5 min. i'm currently growing my hair back out from my tapered cut so i keep it braided. my hair is to the bottom of my earlobes now!! i remember when i first got my hair cut i didn't have any hair it was all chopped off and above my ear with the back shaved. i started wearing the micros back in february i wanted to wear something that will keep me from meddling my hair. i got micros (i wore my hair like this when i went to korea to visit my husband) it was easy to maintain the whole two in a half weeks i was there. then i took the micros out in april washed, deep conditioned, and etc. got cornrows put in until May. in May i got the micros put back in and wore those because i didn't want to meddle my hair (and besides my husband came home for his 30 days midtour from korea. he just left to go back on the 15th, but he'll be back home for good october yes! i can't wait!!!) so i was definitely not doing hair. i just took the micros out on yesterday because i didn't like the way they started looking my new growth was coming in thick and my parts were spaced out (i always wore mini micros with small parts). so i deep conditioned my hair on yesterday and applied the treatment on it and balancing moisturizer. then i used the reconstructer and left on for like five min. tomorrow i will be getting my hair in twists with the kankelon hair going up into a bun. it's going to be cute i wore it like that last year!!! everyone love that style. Good Luck with the Aphogee make sure you read the directions and please don't use it until you get the balance moisturizer if you don't know how it look go to the aphogee website.
THANK YOU SO MUCH northernbelle... your timing is perfect
, I just brought the treatment this afternoon & I plan on using it tonight. Thanks again girl