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Y'all! Curlsmith Hair Makeup! This is the rose gold gel!

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That's awesome!! Brilliant idea, it's giving the effect of fine highlights without the bleach damage! And can wash it out. Good stuff. I like the colour.
I made this (cannot insert pic as staying at family's home) type of thing, but not a gel, last year with certain ingredients for myself and kids it works awesome -
I didn't use what she used, but whatever I had on hand (wheatgerm oil, shea butter, beeswax-based balm), but it works anyway, just add a larger proportion of pigment than expected. It's a good idea, that this blogger shared (everything she shared was amazing, her mind is awesome, I'm sad she stopped)

The best pigment I had, it turned out, wasn't any of the expensive ones for this recipe, but one from Bonne Bell (their 'loose powder highlighter/bronzer'), after trial and error. What was an issue for the face (found it a bit too orange, and particles were not fine enough for my liking) was what made it good for the pomade.
It's a good way to use up loose powder shadows, maybe.
Pretty much the go to style for a while, using suave Moroccan oil shampoo. I really want something else though. For over 6 years nothing provides the slip, texturization[is that a word, LOL] that using slippery shampoo as a leave in provides. I know, I know, but for me, it is a mainstay when other things that worked so well for others weren't so...Until I can find a better happy place, 'still here. [Kids, don't try this at home, a sharing site, not so much a "she see, so she does" site] Poor suave, it is well received but so many are like but only until I find the golden ticket...

Happy hair growing!!!

Edited: all my shampoo brands are slippery, LOL
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For my hair, I haven't as of yet found any made specifically as leave ins with the same consistency upon application.. I also have to maintain a dry scalp, can't be over moisturized, so in my strange case, that could explain the unorthodox effectiveness. Social media is different these days though, do I need to do a disclaimer saying don't try at home, this is an off-label preference?

On another note, I miss your nouveau hair, makeup blog from a while back 2014? 2016?, I never write much but it was very impressive. I love reading about hair care, etc.

Edited: no hair care product/company endorsement intended
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Documenting + reading others' routines and ideas helped with consistency this week.
2 hennas in a week. DC'd, used pretty effective techniques + products this week.
'Fulani silk wrap' last night and much of today.
Attempted braid out. Probably a fail but decent by my standards. Flat crown which i hate, because hair is shortest there :rolleyes: