A New Henna Thread

I was using the henna from Mehandi.com but started using the Nupur henna and I love it! The color release is vibrant and it has all of the other 9 herbs. My local Indian grocery has it so much cheaper. I will still get my Indigo from Mehandi as I don’t trust any other brands.
I still have some demi permanent color to use up, at least 6 more color treatments. After they are all gone, I will also be back to using henna/indigo for my hair coloring treatments plus some other ayurveda powders I have in my stash. I have Aloe Powder, Amla, Brahmi, hibiscus, rose petals and rose powder, cloves, moringa powder, and fenugreek. I want some Kalpi Tone next but it is so hard to find now. I saw it on Amazon but it is twice the price now and this has been prohibiting me from purchasing it. I might as well just buy the powders separately and make my own mix.
Have you started back using henna/indigo?
Have you started back using henna/indigo?
Unfortunately no I haven't as yet. I have to really work up the energy and mind set to commit to it again. I really want to but I think about the long length of time to do them and shakes my head. I may just add them to my conditioners and do glosses. That may be easier for me. I am also very busy with a lot of other things going on in my life right now and simply haven't had the time.