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Nervous about self-relaxing? Or maybe you simply have a question regarding basing your scalp, adding oils to your relaxer, preventing overlapping, doing a corrective relaxer, relaxing in sections, etc. I compiled relevant self-relaxing links into this one thread. I am by no means an expert, which is why I researched the subject of self-relaxing at order to do it safely, and get best results possible. A lot of the info is repetitive, but each thread adds something informative to the subject of self-relaxing.

Who Invented Relaxers?

Difference between Lye and No-Lye Relaxers:
Is Lye or No-Lye Chemical Relaxing Better for Your Hair? by SistaSlick (Associated Content Article)

LHCF Threads difference between Lye and No Lye Relaxers:

PH Levels of Relaxers:

General Relaxer Tips from AHBAI (American Health and Beauty Aids Institute):

Links to SistaSlick's Articles on the Associated Content:
Getting Ready to Relax? Preparing Your Hair for a Relaxer Chemical Straightening by SistaSlick
Guide to Safely Applying Chemical Relaxers by SistaSlick

Here's an LHCF thread that also mentions SistaSlick's articles:

What to do a week Before and week After a relaxer:

A week After a relaxer:

Clarifying week Before relaxer:

No Hardcore Protein for 2 Weeks After Lye Relaxer:

Nice Discussion about Silk, Keratin, Wheat and other Proteins (in case you want to add to relaxer or prior to relaxer):

Adding Protein to Relaxers (the benefits, the products, the websites):

The Science of Preventing Relaxer Damage by using Silk by Navsegda (Adding Silk Amino Acids to hair prior to relaxing):

Adding Oil to relaxer:

Basing prior to Relaxing:

Many women relax in Sections:

SouthernGirl gives extremely detailed instructions on how she relaxes in 2 Sections:

LondonDiva, relaxes in sections and has a photo tutorial in her fotki: (PM her for PW)

Lonei has a tutorial in her fotki, she does hers in halves also:

Here, Nixx shares her method of relaxing in halves:

Arcadian's Method (she uses Clips to separate small sections):

Preventing Overlapping:

Preventing Scalp Damage

Rinsing Relaxer and What to do After:
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Relaxing Processing Time: When Does It Actually Start?

Corrective Relaxers:

Texlaxers (Relaxers that are not bone straight, with some texture left)

Henna and Relaxers:

Ceramide Technology (interesting read):

If after reading all of this you decide self-relaxing is not for you, Balisi, our resident Licensed Professional Cosmetologist wrote a great thread on how to make your relaxing experience at a Salon more successful:

SistaSlick also wrote an Associated Content article about Stylist Etiquette:
A 10-Step Pre-Relaxer Checklist for Black Women and Their Stylist by SistaSlick
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Ummm.......LadyEsquire:blowkiss:. THANKS YOU so much!!! Great info!! I promise myself i'm gonna learn how to self relax next year.
THis is EXCELLENT! I'm mos def going to save this link. Thank you for putting this helpful resource together. I too want to get to the point where I feel more comfortable doing my own relaxers. :grin:
Great idea :up: especially since I'm planning to increase my relaxer from 1 to 3 or 4 per year. :yep:
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Thank you, thank you, thank you for doing this for us! I'm about to self relax tomorrow and this will be a BIG help! I'm sure it took a minute for you to compile all these links.
I love this thread. This thread answered my question I was looking for, which is what to do the next wash after a relaxer.

This is excellent!!! I like the stuff on the ph of different relaxers too! Thanks so much! This should be a sticky
THANK YOU SO MUCH!!!! I will be self relaxing for the first time in November. This is great that all of these threads are in one! :)
Holy Smoke, LadyEsq. ! When I looked at this post, I thought it was my Westlaw research on the screen! Good job!
Lady, you are the best!! I have this thread subscribed for future reference.

Just bumping this up for Energee!
Bless ur heart this is Wonderful :clap: Ive only self relaxed twice and i still need as much help as i cant get :look:.. now i dont have to search all over the place:grin:
I'm up late tonight...our little one isn't feeling well. My husband did first it's my turn. He has a little belly ache but he's being so sweet about it....trying to be a strong boy....

Anyway, I'm able to read through all of this now..while I am up...I'm taking notes..and printing some info out....
Ok why am I just seeing this after 3 months of stretching and I finally just relax and come to the hair board after Im done to see a wealth of info on relaxing! Darn DH playing Guild Wars and hogging the computer!:wallbash:
Thank you SO much for posting this! This is exactly what I needed. I'm seriously considering self relaxing and I need all the info that I can get.:yep:
See this is why I love you. I thank you so much for compiling this list for us. When I get more time, I will be looking through all of these threads. THANK YOU SO MUCH LADY!!!!!
I wish I could still self relax. I have a good stylist, but I still wouldn't mind being able to do it myself.
Thanks so much for taking the time to do this!

I started coming to this board on a regular basis after I had such bad results w/ my May relaxer. I was able to do a better job last month because of the tips from this board. Pics of the May and Sept. relaxers are in my fotki.
Girl i can't thank you enough for compiling all of this in one thread. I'm about to relax my hair & i also need to do a corrective and everything i was questioning is in here.

thank you thank you thank you