My Extremely Nappy Hair...


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Hey yall,

It's Nessa here. Hey, how are yall doing? I am doing pretty fine. Even though I took out the pics of where I was growing my hair. For most of yall who seen my pics my hair was okay. See ever since October I have been trying to have my hair out, and have no braids. So, supposedly I didn't have a perm in three months. I permed my hair the last time, and it didn't turn out so good. So it was kind of places relaxed and places not relaxed. So you know everyone is telling me to go to the Salon. But i am afraid of going because I think they are going to trim to much. I don't have alot of hair, and all these stories I am hearing about the salon stylist cutting more than you wanted to got to me. You know. My hair comes to my ears. So I just trimmed my hair, with some shears(well I think they are shears), and I just have alot spilt ends. I have so much that I think I should just shave my head bald. But I don't want to do that, you know I am in high school. What would I look like? You know....

But instead of me perming my hair so soon, i couldn't. So i am trying to buy one tommorow. But since i haven't permed my hair, I have some huge patches all over my head with one inch of growth. Since I haven't had a perm in 3 months all that permed hair fell off the natural one. Now I don't even think I can get braids, with one inch spots all over my hair. I am scared that all of my hair will become like this. But you know I might be getting my hair braided. Either I get some micros or cornrows. But I want my mom to perm my hair, then go to the salon so that they can trim it and style it for 25 dollars. It's pretty cheap, what my friend said. She has beautiful hair with few split ends, and she goes to this salon called "Hair in Motion". Near that school in South Cobb.

I really want to go but I am scared that they will cut my hair to like 3 to 5 inches, and then when i want to wear my hair out, I will look like a shaved bird....... What should I do????
Nessa, don't let discouragement drive you to cutting off you crown and glory if you don't want to. With some TLC, time, and patience, you can nurse your hair back to health. Braids may not be a bad idea to aid in protective styling during this time. I wouldn't go with micros or any other high stress style. Consider getting medium sized braids, and any good hair braider shouldn't have a problem braiding one-inch long hair. Believe me, in times passed I've had patches shorter than that and my braider miraculously managed to grab even the shortest hairs into the braids.

I am a braiding advocate because that style has worked wonders for me. They do not make your hair grow, but they provide a stylish way to grow your hair.

Good luck!

Thank you. But the reason I got out of braids, because it wasn't helping me that much. I have had braids since I was 4 possibly even younger, and I am 14 and my hair is still not longer. I am possibly getting braids, I just want all these one inch hair spots grow and measure up with the rest of my hair.
Hey Yall,

anyone who lives around the Atlanta area. Perferably, the Cobb County area, has anyone ever heard of the salon Hair in Motion? And has anybody gotten their hair done their???? because that is the closest salon to me...
Hi Nessa,

How have you been styling your hair without the braids? If you are doing too much combing and brushing, this may be causing the breakage down to the new growth.

I think you should shampoo and deep condition your hair and let you hair air dry. You should trim the ends and maybe do braid-outs if you are still set on stretching your relaxer. HOWEVER, you need to keep in mind that not everyone can stretch their relaxers. Take LuLu for example. She relaxes every 4 (or 6) weeks and she has a head full of head. I am not saying to relax that frequently, but keep this in mind. I, on the other hand, have to relax at 9.5 to 10 weeks or I will experience breakage. So if you feel you need to relax do so, but you must be careful with the damaged hair.

I wouldn't say cut all of your hair off, but nurse it back to health. Braids with synthetic hair causes more problems than helps for some people, I am one of those people. With braids I experience breakage no matter what, so I know to stay away from them. Can you do braid-outs or twist-outs on your hair? I think that even after you relax this should be your style of choice for a while. When I overprocessed my hair I would shampoo, deep condition, air dry and then twist-set my hair and it came back.

Just be kind and patient with your hair. Also, make sure you are eating right. What you put in shows on the outside, especially with hair.

Sorry so long.

I just comb my hair down to my sides. Like a bob kind of. I was trying to stretch it, but it was pretty clear that I needed a perm. So my mom and I bought a Silk Elements perm and we are going to perm my hair on Christmas day. So you know. I also bought that "Mane N' Tail" Shampoo, and bought a Silk Elements Conditioner. So I am trying out this Mane N' Tail thing. But I have been doing a lot of combing and brushing to put it in a bob. I mean my hair was so thick i just broke my hair recently. So that's what I have been doing too much combing. And I didn't know how to flat iron. Is conditioning my hair like shampooing and conditioning okay? Cause I don't think I will be ever to go and get a deep conditioning, because my parents have to work.
I thought I was taking good care of my hair, but I guess it wasn't working that good so you know.

HOw do I trim my split ends? I am going to be searching the threads on how to do a braid out. ANd I heard about people wrapping their hair.... HOw do they do that? I haven't worn a scarf to sleep so that may be a problem.....

Thank you for your advice. Don't worry, I don't care how long you wrote, i love

Hey Nessa,

You definitely need to cover your hair at night, if you don't that will lead to a lot of breakage. As for shampooing and conditioning, you can kind of use your current conditioner like a deep conditioner. What I mean is, when you apply your conditioner, let is sit on your hair for 15-30 minutes with a plastic cap on your head while you sit under a dryer. If you don't have a bonnet hair dryer, just put a plastice cap on your head while you have conditioner on your hair and let it sit for longer if you have time. I know some ladies warm their conditioner and then apply it, so maybe try that.
thanks, I did the same thing unless i left the shampoo in my hair for three hours. But I will do that with the conditioner instead of the shampoo, I braided my hair in the front, and curled some of the back, to get my hair curly.
I did it, I permed my hair, it's so pretty now. BUt it's still short. BUt you know I don't know what to do with it. My mom decided that I should get it in braids, but I'm still not sure.