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Ive used Elasta QP Mild Relaxer and Elasta QP Breakage Control Serum...they both gave me great results for my hair!
The only elasta qp product I've ever purchased is feels like silk which was a sticky mess. It's the only product I've just decided to throw away in the last 2 years!
Feels Like Silk feels like Ick! On the other hand, I do like these products- the DP-11 deep conditioner, Hi-Two leave in, and the Mango butter (only on dry hair!!)
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Feel like Silk works well on damp hair. It seals in the moisture. Don't use too much or it will leave hair clammy and somewhat gluey.

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i just washed my hair and added feels like silk...I let you guys know how it turned out once my hair dries..I hate the smell though, and it is really gooey/slimy [image]http://www.netmusique.com/images/smilies/spider.gif [/image]

[/ QUOTE ] People at my job today said that my hair looked dry ...i will not be using this one again.
unless i am desparate

I've just used Elasta QP Relaxer and now I am experiencing shedding like nobody's business.

What can I do to stop the shedding?

Thanks... I am a four A.
First, QP has great customer service and they stay sending me samples even if I do not need them.

I love:
1. DPR-11 (my hair does not feel particulary soft when I rinse it out like with other products, but once my hair is dried, it just has a natural sheen and does not feel dry, it just feels like natural hair)

2. I used Recovery for 2 years straight, but no longer. Now I love the mango butter more. I use the mango butter to smooth my roots and on my ends.

3. I love the Power drops too.

4. H-Two did not have an effect on my hair.

5. Intense: have this on my list of "to try"

their site is: elastaprodcuts.com
So far so good. I like the intense and the recovery. The mango butter is ok but I realized my hair likes oils and glycerin based sprays better. I want to try the DPR and serums....Overall I think it's a really good line and affordable.
Ive used Elasta QP Mild Relaxer and Elasta QP Breakage Control Serum...they both gave me great results for my hair! /images/graemlins/smile.gif

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In addition to the above products, I am using Elasta QP Oil Recovery Moisturizer! It's an excellent moisturizer! I also want to try Elasta QP Mango Butter and ElastaQP Silk. /images/graemlins/weird.gif
I use QP silk in combination with other items because alone it dulls my hair.
But I love their oil sheen reflect...doesnt weigh my hair down.
I LUV Elasta QP products--well, at least the ones that I use. Which is their relaxer, the Design Lotion, H-Two and last but definitely not least, Mango Butter. I couldn't live without these products. /images/graemlins/wink.gif
my stylist used to be a spokesmodel for elasta. it was the only line he would use. my hair was always the bomb when he did it.

i think i have used ERY thing they have. of course i like some of the products better than others. but even to this day i use the perm and everything else for maintenance.

think i've been using their products for a good 12 years now.
I use the Elasta qp relaxer, creme Conditioning Shampoo and mango butter. I recommend the creme shampoo to everyone. My verdict on the Elasta qp relaxer is still out.
The only QP product i've used is the oil recovery. Oh yeah, the mango butter 2.
/images/graemlins/up.gif /images/graemlins/up.gif and a snap in "Z" formation for the oil recovery
/images/graemlins/up.gif /images/graemlins/down.gif for the mango butter, i bought it once and never repurchased. It smelled good tho /images/graemlins/smile.gif
The only QP product i've used is the oil recovery. Oh yeah, the mango butter 2.
/images/graemlins/up.gif /images/graemlins/up.gif and a snap in "Z" formation for the oil recovery
/images/graemlins/up.gif /images/graemlins/down.gif for the mango butter, i bought it once and never repurchased. It smelled good tho /images/graemlins/smile.gif

[/ QUOTE ]

CH you are crazy. I am sitting here /images/graemlins/rofl.gif thinking about In Living Color.
I'm going to buy Elasta QP Creme Conditioning Shampoo and some more of their Breakage Control Serum this week. :yep: I wouldn't mind using their whole line one day! :grin:
I love the mango butter, I use it on my dry ends, and when I do cornrows, b/c It gives my braid outs, and twist outs good definition. I also use Intense, and Recovery is the best moisturizer I've used, that hasn't been too pricey. The H-two helps detangle my hair.
I have used these in the past and like the following products by Elasta QP:

-Design Foam
-Power Silk
-Recovery Oil Moisturizer
-Relaxer (Mild)
-Scalp Stimulating Shampoo

I may try the mango butter...
I really like the Elasta QP Breakage Control Serum. At first I didn't care for it because I overhyped myself on this product. The third time around, I liked it. I also want to try the Protein drops or something like that. That one is kind of hard to find but not really.
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I was wondering how many people use Elasta QP products with good results. Ive used Recovery and Mango butter with GREAT results and Im wondering what other products people get good results with these products. Im very interested in the Intense and the DPR-11 Deep penetrating moisturizer.

Ok, I've used:

Mango Butter - Great for the hair and not too greasy, no mineral oil but the smell although it's nice is very strong and generally I don't like products with specific scents in my hair. Generally a very nice moisturiser and good for the ends.

Elasta H-Two - I really liked this product, a very good leave in.

Breakage Control Serum - I've only used this product twice since I bought it about 8 months ago so I can't really give a great review. Maybe I'll give it another try when my hair needs protein. A see-through brownish type of intensive protein treatment to be used with heat.

DPR-11 (deep Penetrating Remoisturizer) - I bought this last week, used it for a steam, mixed it with Aphoghee Essential Fatty Acids oil and my hair came out really soft and elastic. It works. Has a thick but smooth cholesterol type look, peach coloured, smells nice.

Those are the products I've used recently. I've used a few others but too long ago to remember how well they worked.

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I love their mango butter and the'ir intense treatment (I think it's the protein one looks like serum), I also like thier neutrilizing shampoo.
I use:

Mango Butter for ends sealing - either this or Profectiv Breakfree is excellent for sealing ends after they are good and moistened by my leave-ins.

H-Two Mist - to spray all over my bun/protective style once the ends are tucked in. Keeps hair soft and smooth and supple-feeling.

Glaze - to smooth down new growth but I don't think I have the hang of it just yet. Has potential though.
I've used:

~Breakage Control Serum--did just what I needed it to do. I only had to use this twice, and my breakage stopped.

~Mango Butter--I think my hair must have gotten "used to" this product because it doesn't moisturize my hair as well as it did when I first started using it. But, overall, it was a pretty decent product.

~Stop Action Neutralizing Shampoo--this one I give a :down: . It made my hair feel more stripped than a clarifying shampoo would. I went back to my Proclaim Neutralizing Shampoo right away.

~Creme Conditioning Shampoo--I really like this product. Left my hair feeling very soft and smooth. I'll probably go back and finish off the CCS after I've used up my Mane n' Tail.

~Scalp Stimulating Shampoo--Excellent product!!!! I :love: :love: the tingle that it gives my scalp and it gets my hair and scalp squeaky clean.

~Glaze--didn't care too much for it. Just a tad too heavy for my hair.

~Design Foam--didn't really care for this product, either. Just didn't give my wrap the hold that the Lottabody Wrapping Creme gives. And it left my hair feeling slightly coated and "gummy" :down: .

~DPR-11--:love: everything about this product. Has a nice thick consistency that my hair seems to love and it leaves my hair very moisturized, especially if mixed with a lil' EVOO.