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A couple years back I started noticing I was losing my edges. I basically tried everything under the sun, but nothing helped. At that time I was relaxed and I began to notice I would make some progress but then I would get a relaxer and I'd be back to where I started.

I decided after my touch up in March to transition, but my hair became very badly tangled and I let a stylist talk me into getting a relaxer in June. I also got my hair cut into a pixie cut because the knots were impossible to get out. Edges were nonexistent after that touch up so I decided that was it and have not had a relaxer since 6/18 and cut out all the relaxer 9/29 or there abouts.

Since then I just make sure I moisturize and seal twice a day, always sleep in my silk scarf, and deep condition weekly. I also baby my edges. Honestly, this isn't any different than what I was doing when I was relaxed.

The progress is slow but I believe you can see it.

In my Fotki, the first photo is in March after 2nd to last relaxer. Next photo was end of August / beginning of September about 2 months after last relaxer. And the last photo was just the other day. Maybe a week ago.

I have pics of the other side but no current pics of the other side and I'm on my tablet and lazy, but I will update this.
Have you tried dermarolling?
No, I haven't but I learned about it maybe a year or so ago ? When the hair loss was getting particularly bad I did a lot of research on different treatments / options. From what I understand a lot of people use it in combination with minoxidil.

At any rate, any type of added manipulation or stress to the area seems to make it worse in my case. It seems to grow back the best with me just doing the LCO method twice a day and leaving it alone otherwise.

I am hoping my edges will completely fill in again now that I have stopped getting chemical treatments altogether. If I have to take more drastic measures in the future I will, but they seem to be doing much, much better just with no chemicals.