Delightfully Delicious Challenge 2011 (Pt.1)

Purchased a jar of ORS Mayo since I wasnt sure if SE Mayo was really protein or not. Cant wait to use it this weekend. My cut is growing out beautifully and my hair still felt thick even after my relaxer :D
Will Deep Condition tomorrow under Dryer with Cathy Howse UBH Deep Conditioner.

Will follow up with a Moisturizing Conditioning Rinse. Either HV Moist 24/7 or something equally moisturizing.
Last Saturday I pre pooed with wheat germ oil, clarified w Kenra, did a protein treatment with aphogee 2 min, DCed with Silk Elements mega silk moisturizing treatment overnight, and then did a rinse with Roux porosity control.
I washed, and I am now DC with a mixture of Aphogee 2 Minute, Roux Porosity Control and Conditioner and GVP Conditioning Balm, then sprayed with Aphogee Green Tea Mist. I am now sitting with a Walmart bag on my head. I don't feel like steaming at the moment. I will rinse later on tonight.