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What is your hair care regimen?

My regimen is simple:

  • Pre-poo with EVOO, and Shampoo with CON 1 time a week. I sometimes alternate shampooing for ACV rinse.
  • DC with ORS mixed with EVOO and EVCO 1 time a week.
  • Co wash maybe 1 -2 times a week w/VO5 Moistures Milk.
  • Do Aphogee 2 min, every blue moon.

I used NTM as my daily moisturizer and seal with EVCO with not in a protective style. While in protective styles such as crochets or sew ins to moisturize I do a VO5/water mix, NTM/water mix, or glycerin/water mix in a spray bottle. I use castor oil for edges.

Do you take any supplements? If so, what are they?

I’ve never tried any growth aids. I only take Be Whole Multivitamins from GNC. I’ve been taking them sporadically throughout my HHJ up until a month or so ago. I’ve been trying to take them more regularly.

Currently, how long is your hair and what is your hair type?

I started at SL in June 09, and I’m now very happy to say a year later I’m BSL! As for hair type, I’m doing a long term transition to natural and my hair type is a 3C/4A. My last relaxer was June 09.

What are the things that you feel have helped you the most in achieving and maintaining your hair length?

What’s helped me the most in achieving and maintaining length are:

  • No direct heat- Haven’t used directed heat since June of last year.
  • Low manipulation - Only comb/brush on wash days
  • Deep Conditioning weekly.
  • Protective Styles - I mainly wore half wigs, phony ponies and lace fronts the first 6 months of my hhj. For the past 6 months I’ve been wearing sew ins and crochets. In between installs I’ve been wearing buns, and bantu knot outs into a curly puffs. Headbands have a lifesaver during my transition.
  • No trimming - only dust as needed.
  • Moisturizing and sealing.
  • Last but not least, constantly gaining knowledge and inspiration from the amazing ladies of LHCF!

Best wishes to all you ladies and HHG!



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