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What is your hair care regimen?

My regimen is quite simple. I conditioner wash 5 days a week and throw my hair into a ponytail and air dry. I will use shampoo once a week.

I have to admit that I’m not patient enough to deep condition however, I believe that my hair is moisturized enough due to all of the conditioner washes. I have added oil to my conditioner washes and my hair has never felt better.

I’m texlaxed and prefer my hair to look highly textured. I texlax every 8 weeks but I’m trying to stretch that out a little longer without breakage. It’s a work in progress.

Limiting heat has been one of the biggest contributors to healthy hair. I may use heat once a month on a very low setting.

My product staples are: Shampoos - CON (can’t live without this), KeraCare’s Dry and Itchy, Suave Clarifying Conditioners - LeKair Cholestorol, Praital Silk Worm Rinse Oils - Queen Helene’s Jojoba, Tea Tree, Olive Oil and Coconut Oil Reconstructor - Affirms 5 -in -1 Relaxer - CON no lye regular

Do you take any supplements? If so, what are they?

I take MSM, flax seed oil, a multivitamin, milk thistle, calcium, L-Cysteine, and Ultra Digest More

Currently, how long is your hair and what is your hair type?

My hair is about an inch past BSL in the back and full APL in the front and sides. My hair is mostly 4B with some A

What are the things that you feel have helped you the most in achieving and maintaining your hair length?

Limiting direct heat, low manipulation styles and texlaxing. For me, learnign to embrace textured styles has helped me to retain lenghth and thickness as I’m not using heat as often.



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